Here Are 9 Best Practices To Keep You Healthy At Work

Here Are 9 Best Practices To Keep You Healthy At WorkHealthcare reforms are challenging companies to look at ways of alleviating health problems and promoting wellness at work. This leads to reduced stress, greater productivity, and fewer cases of absenteeism.

If you are working a nine to five office job, that involves long periods of sitting, you are already at risk of some lifestyle diseases. So how can you maintain a healthy lifestyle? The following are 9 useful tips.

1. Check on your caffeine intake

It is understandable that most people love their daily cup of coffee but consider drinking it in moderation. To achieve this, reduce your intake to one cup every morning. You should also want to watch out for calories and sugar intake by avoiding coffee with cream and sugar. This might not be easy for you especially If you are a coffeeholic but it’s worth every bit of it.

2. Healthy snacks are okay

To keep up an optimum performance ensure you have a healthy snack at your desk so you can munch when hunger strikes. Consider dried or fresh fruits for foods from the vending machines. Staying longer hours between meals can lead to a reduced blood sugar that can make you head to the nearest fast food spot. Consider eating something every two to three hours to keep your sugar in check and energy levels up all day.

3. Keep a hand sanitizer close

There are many times when it’s required of you to wash your hands; one of those times is when you have flu. It is easy to spread bacteria to other people through contact. Therefore every time you sneeze or cough, immediately reach out for a hand sanitizer. Have some ready at your desk to be used in between and immediately after hand washing.

4. Minimize interactions

There are different ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle at your workplace. First, minimize interactions with colleagues who are unwell especially if they are coughing or sneezing. Also, wash your hands after spending time in their workstation. Companies should make recommendations for those who are ill to stay home until they recover. This is one of the ways in which organizations can prevent the spread of airborne diseases.

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5. Find a way to effectively handle stress

Stress in the workplace is a growing concern in many circles today. Managing stress at work is accordingly becoming more and more important, especially in the modern fast-paced life. To keep up a healthy work life, it’s important to learn how to manage stress effectively. All you might need is a short break or something to distract you, but must learn how to avoid stress.

6. A clean and tidy workspace

The average desk could harbor more bacteria than a toilet sink. Always ensure that your workstation is both organized and neat. Take at least five to ten minutes every day to tidy up and keep sanitizing spray and wipes in your drawer. A cluttered desk acts a constant reminder of what needs to be done and can lead to stress. It also makes you inefficient and less enthusiastic about work which can contribute to reduced productivity.

7. Drink more water

Folks at times wonder how staying hydrated equates to your overall health, energy levels, and productivity. Water enables you to stay both refreshed and alert. You should consider buying a large water bottle and keeping beside your desk then refill it throughout the day. This is a perfect way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

8. Take regular breaks to get fresh air

Ensure you get your daily intake of vitamin D by going outdoors as much as you can. This will not only keep you sharp but significantly reduce work-related stress. It’s important to take a few minutes to go out for a brisk walk around your office or stay calm on a hectic day by sitting quietly for a few moments to meditate.

9. Go light on lunch and let it be healthy

Even though breakfast is often praised as the most important meal of the day, lunch is just as important. Even a good breakfast wouldn’t last you the whole day; you need something to boost your energy. The brain too requires to be regularly supplied with nutrients to keep it healthy and at its peak.

Even those who are trying to lose weight are discouraged from skipping lunch because depriving the body may cause more harm than good. Taking lunch can also protect you from cravings which can result in intake of unhealthy foods. Spare some time during the evening and pack a healthy lunch for the following day. You shouldn’t forget to add fresh fruits, veggies, salad and lean protein to give you lasting energy. A good meal will always keep you energized and focused as you take on your daily routine.

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