How to Overcome Burnout When The Pressure of Success Takes Over

Working Desk At Night

By Emmelie De La Cruz

I burned out in August. I stayed up until 2AM every night for 3 weeks as I designed and launched the latest version of my brand, The Branding Muse 4.0. For a woman who was in bed at 10:30PM every night weeks prior to this rebrand, this was a huge change and not for the better.

You see, we often think that working into the wee hours of the morning means that we are hustling and grinding. We wear our dark circles and under-eye bags with pride like they are badges of honor. We can’t wait to humblebrag about how tired we are from passionately pursuing our dreams and building our brands. Oh please.

Spare me with the #TeamNoSleep Instagram and Twitter posts. You’re tired, and because you’re tired, you are less productive, less creative, and less focused.

Life tends to get crazy and the pressure of the world and purpose is on our shoulders, but powering through while neglecting sleep and food isn’t a good idea. This became clear as I was dozing off on the train, when I am usually eagerly working on a blog post or answering emails.

What had those 2-3 extra hours of work every night cost me? They cost me my inspiration and creative energy. I found I was no longer as productive and as inspired as I usually am. Writing out a post took twice the time and I just stared at the computer when I had deadlines.

Yes, an extra 2 hours of work each night is a good chunk of time when accumulated over a week, but the trade off wasn’t worth it. You end up doing a lot but, accomplishing little; moving everywhere and nowhere all at once.

The pressure of purpose holds us hostage.

Being consistently busy, but feeling like you aren’t making any progress is common. I am on my way back from vacation in the Middle East feeling more refreshed than ever. Tons of ideas are brewing and I am ready to get back to work. This rejuvenation isn’t easy for everyone. Battling burnout can take more than a few days of work.

My friend and fellow burnout survivor Emilie (yes, we got cute with our spelling) launched her signature program Bossed Up For Life to combat this problem, and I also read an article in Redbook magazine about stress and burnout last week. I wanted to share some information around what I found that has helped me combat burnout as a working entrepreneur.

There are some staggering stats around this topic. We talk about the pay gap and gender inequity in the workplace, but no one is talking about how women burn out more often and in different ways than men do.

I love the Internet, but too many times we miss opportunities to talk about the issues that impact our readers everyday. A style post here, a branding post there, but what about your physical and emotional well-being?

I wanted to let you know that it’s okay to push back on the pressure of purpose. Get comfortable with telling yourself and others no.

Push back on the pressure of purpose. Get comfortable with telling yourself + others no.

I got healthier, happier and more productive when I stopped trying to be perfect. The email had a typo? Eff it, at least it got out. I didn’t have time to beat my face for the Periscope broadcast? Whatever, the information I gave is more important than how I looked. I fell asleep mid-blogpost? There’s plenty of other valuable pieces of content to read on the site until I finish it.

The best entrepreneurs, freelancers and employees are the ones who give. You have to share your way to success. In the same token, they don’t give so much that it takes away from their sanity. You have to put yourself first. Women have lost families, friends, jobs and even edges, trying to live up to an unrealistic standard of what success and hard work looks like. This isn’t to say disregard deadlines and become lazy, but understand that your body and mind have limits that you shouldn’t try to push for the sake of public recognition.

Burnout Instagram Quote

What would you do if nobody was watching? Probably take your ass to sleep. Here are the tips that have helped me overcome burnout.

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