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Karen Civil

“I am an introvert….but I get that burst of courage because it’s now or never. It’s either you do it or you don’t. This is your one opportunity, so just do it.”


Cultural Artigé


A Peek Inside Her Agenda: Karen Civil

Her Agenda: What’s next for you? Who do you want to collaborate with next? What projects are you going to work on next?

Karen: In February, I’m going to be doing my first New Era Cap which I’m excited about. It’s going to be a fedora. Fifty percent of the proceeds are going to go back to charities in Haiti. This is going to be my first New Era cap and inside the fedora you’ll get to see quotes and different things from me. This is their first time actually partnering with an Influencer. That will be available in various New Era stores. Then, my playground in Haiti is going to officially open. My book, I’m looking to release that around my birthday.

Karen: I think it will always be to have patience because I am one who lived off the notion of if didn’t happen right now, it is never going to happen. The way social media and society is set up, the way we see how everything is happening for folks, the way other people’s lives are going at one hundred [miles per hour] and ours is going at a standstill, it can through you off your game. But just having that patience and that understanding [is important.] It’s going to take time. It took time for me to get to this moment now.

To hear Karen Civil respond to audience questions, watch the video below. We also captured all the tweets from the night in our storify. 

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