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5 Ways To Take Political Action Right Now

At the age of 25, Katelyn Coghlan’s work includes the creation of an AR ad on the cover of Adweek for M&M. She is the General Manager of In-It VR, a subsidiary of The Glimpse Group that uses Virtual and … Read More

Alyson Charles, also known as “the rockstar shaman” accepted her calling long ago (in another lifetime) to deliver light and love to the world through media. As the executive producer and host of the talk show “Soul Reboot,” with more … Read More

Recognizing the power of real relationships, Jamie Coakley has leveraged her active listening, communication, and people skills to climb the ranks in the male-dominated industry of sales. As the CEO of TwentyPine, a specialized talent firm advising Salesforce professionals and … Read More

For anyone, living in a foreign country often comes with its own set of challenges: acclimating to a new culture, absorbing new customs and traditions, and of course, learning your way around without looking like you’re new to the place. … Read More

Jeanine Liburd is sharing Black stories through her role as Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at BET. “Black people are super cool,” and not coincidentally, Black narratives and issues are being highlighted in mainstream media more than ever before. Liburd … Read More

Cristina Morais proves that it’s not always about what you become, but who you become that truly matters. Growing up, Morais’ ambitions couldn’t be further off from where she landed but through her determination, hard work and persistence she’s managed … Read More

Claire Wasserman, career coach, and founder of Ladies Get Paid, has a clear passion for helping women rise up at work. Honing in on her gift of connecting people to each other and opportunities early on in her career, she … Read More

For most 13-year-olds, a typical day consists of going to school, texting their friends endlessly and scrolling through social media. But for 13-year-old Rachel Wims, music and global philanthropy was a regular part of her teenage life. Her initial encounter … Read More

“Scared money don’t make no money” isn’t just a popular hip-hop colloquialism used by the likes of Jeezy, Lil Wayne, and Meek Mill, but for financier Nicole Reyes, it’s a way of life. Walking into a dismal job market at … Read More

Val Boreland has worked at some of cable television’s top entertainment companies. From Lifetime, to Comedy Central, to working with Sean “Diddy” Combs to launch Revolt, Val knows the ins and out of the entertainment industry all too well. Today, … Read More

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