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Why Women Need To Join A Coworking Space

As refreshing as it is to see a strong woman character as the lead on screen, it’s just as pivotal to have a woman of the same caliber part of the team that created the story. Screenwriter Margaret LeFauve, also … Read More

The amount of wisdom Kate White, author and former editor-in-chief of Cosmo, has when it comes to making power moves in the workplace, writing and how to be a little more gutsy will truly leave you speechless. But, rightfully so. … Read More

Screenwriter, and director Gina Prince-Bythewood loves love. And, if you’re familiar with her body of work then this is something you may already know. Her portfolio of work includes Love and Basketball, which is about two childhood friends who eat, … Read More

Every day for Tina Tchen is different, and yet that is exactly what keeps her energetic, grounded, and alert. As the former Assistant to President Barack Obama, former Executive Director of the White House Council on Women and Girls, and … Read More

Data is now being called the new oil, so you can say Vivian Zhang is a young Rockefeller of our time. Zhang took an interest in technology when she just a teenager, and has always dreamed of making an impact … Read More

At the age of 25, Katelyn Coghlan’s work includes the creation of an AR ad on the cover of Adweek for M&M. She is the General Manager of In-It VR, a subsidiary of The Glimpse Group that uses Virtual and … Read More

Alyson Charles, also known as “the rockstar shaman” accepted her calling long ago (in another lifetime) to deliver light and love to the world through media. As the executive producer and host of the talk show “Soul Reboot,” with more … Read More

Recognizing the power of real relationships, Jamie Coakley has leveraged her active listening, communication, and people skills to climb the ranks in the male-dominated industry of sales. As the CEO of TwentyPine, a specialized talent firm advising Salesforce professionals and … Read More

For anyone, living in a foreign country often comes with its own set of challenges: acclimating to a new culture, absorbing new customs and traditions, and of course, learning your way around without looking like you’re new to the place. … Read More

Jeanine Liburd is sharing Black stories through her role as Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at BET. “Black people are super cool,” and not coincidentally, Black narratives and issues are being highlighted in mainstream media more than ever before. Liburd … Read More

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