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This NASA Astronaut Is About To Make a Historical First

Whether she knows it or not, Marilee Holmes is an inspiration. As the Vice President of Operations and General Counsel for Wilhelmina Models, Marilee puts in the work to evolve into the successful woman she is today and the game … Read More

Simply put, I wish there was more people like Lisa Ling in the world. A journalist to the core, Lisa is also a wife, mother, advocate, producer, and an ambitious storyteller who is committed to sharing the voices of those … Read More

Aviva Klein is a photographer and director based in New York City. With a name, that literally translates as “spring” in Hebrew, Aviva’s personal journey encapsulates her ability to blossom throughout the storm of any previous season. With a refreshing … Read More

Iman Oubou is living and breathing the American Dream; a dream that’s changed, that’s no longer the 1950’s picture of a house in the suburbs with a white picket fence. A Muslim woman born in Morocco and raised in Colorado, … Read More

To Evita Turquoise Robinson creating Nomadness Travel Tribe wasn’t about going on vacation with like-minded individuals to stunt on the ‘gram. That couldn’t be more further from the truth. Nomadness is about empowering and educating Black people through travel — … Read More

Morgan Pitts is the creator of #BlackGirlsWhoBlog, a virtual movement building an e-bridge between black girl bloggers since 2014 when the #BGWB hashtag was tweeted into existence. You may remember Morgan from our #PowerHour chat last October where she gave … Read More

This past fall, Georgia native Maria Taylor continued to expand on her groundbreaking career as co-host on ESPN’s College Gameday as a sideline reporter for ABC’s Saturday Night Football. She is the first ever Black female reporter in each of … Read More

Learning how to monetize your blog and grow your brand is a formula bloggers around the globe are looking to figure out. Not everyone does. Stacey Ferguson, created the BeBlogalicious conference in 2009 to inform and empower bloggers to monetize … Read More

DeShuna Spencer is the Founder of KweliTV and host of emPower Hour on Washington, DC’s 89.3 FM WPFW. Before taking on the world of streaming and radio, Ms. Spencer served as the founding publisher of emPowermagazine.com where she later launched the … Read More

Finding your purpose in life can seem elusive. A complicated maze, rather than the ah-ha moment of clarity that articles across the internet suggest. In chatting with Dr. Janine Jacques, it’s clear that “finding your purpose” is less about discovering … Read More

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