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‘Hidden Figures’ Reveals The Truth About Brilliant Minds

This year marks the 45th anniversary since the passing of Title IX. Before this, women didn’t have the same opportunities as men in the areas of education, employment – and most famously –  athletics. Growing up in a rural area … Read More

Cameka Smith knows a thing or two about what it means to be uncomfortable. It was in 2009, Smith’s job in higher education was downsizing and as a result she was let go. But looking at everything in hindsight, Smith … Read More

Tanzina Vega is a trailblazer. After undergrad, she decided to leave her normal life behind and take on Spain with little to her name. While working abroad, she launched her own business teaching English as second language. She expanded her … Read More

Bevy Smith is a fashion Queen, influencer and self made woman. Starting out as receptionist at an advertising agency in the 1980′s she evolved and became a marketing executive at Rolling Stone, before leaving to pursue her own endeavors full time. Bevy’s … Read More

Before Lea Goldman began 2017 as the Editor In Chief at Lifetime and FYI, she spent over two decades in media. After working as a reporter for 10 years and then as a Senior Editor for – at the time … Read More

For a magna cum laude International Relations graduate of George Washington University, establishing a career in politics would be the next, predictable step after turning the tassel. Luckily for her growing client list, nothing Nicole Corbett does is predictable. Nicole has been … Read More

Tonya Rapley is a nationally recognized millennial money expert and creator of the award winning site My Fab Finance. Working as a career “change-agent” since 2010, Tonya uses her own story and experiences to empower millennials, women, and girls of all ages … Read More

With over six years of experience in media, Christina S. Brown is one of the most influential bloggers of today. You may recognize her from her recent appearance in a nationwide campaign with Dove. She’s the editor-in-chic of not just … Read More

Laughter doesn’t sound like your typical career tip, but keeping a sense of humor is one key piece of advice Maria Cristina “MC” Gonzalez Noguera shared in her recent conversation with us. Gonzalez is a master communicator who is thoughtful … Read More

Wendy Diamond is the founder of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day; a holiday celebrated in 144 countries around the world recognizing women entrepreneurs everywhere for their strength and diligence. The entrepreneur-maven is also an author, pet lifestyle expert, television personality, and humanitarian. Wendy has … Read More

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