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Last Night’s Golden Globes Were Lit Thanks to These Leading Ladies

Sayu Bhojwani is giving a voice to those some would like to see silenced- American immigrants. A self described restless citizen, Sayu is dedicated to providing alternatives to the face of American political leadership. She served in the public sector as … Read More

With an enviable position at a top magazine, a bustling side-hustle and a book on the way, it’s easy to assume Charreah K. Jackson is on top of the world. And you would be right. While the creator of BossBride.com … Read More

When Elayne Fluker speaks, you listen. With 20 years in the industry, she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to making your mark in media. After successful careers at publications such as Essence, People, and Martha Stewart Living, … Read More

Our nation’s current political climate is proving that now more than ever the power of using your voice is critical. Whether you are a college student or a young professional living in a big city, there is an opportunity to … Read More

Most of us remember where we were the day after the election. Julie Alvin, executive editor at Bustle, was at a bar with friends and fellow journalists who decided they would move beyond social media and take action. And, as a … Read More

Think about the last time you made a meaningful work-related connection. The type of connection that lasted beyond the exchange of business cards. Chances are it’s been a while. And to make things worse, you’re probably missing out on opportunities … Read More

“I’ve done some pretty big pivots in my life. I went from engineer to the business side of venture capital to entrepreneurship, and I feel like everything that I’ve done has prepared me for this — [Landit],” Lisa Skeete Tatum, CEO … Read More

Headline after headline seems to convey that magazines are dying and the media landscape is in disarray. Layoffs are in abundance. Jobs are scarce. Yet, if you speak to digital media expert Julie Hochheiser Ilkovich you’ll likely shift your mindset … Read More

With a tell it like it is, bold, and bright spirit author Jessica Bennett is tackling patriarchy one project at a time. As an award-winning journalist and critic, Jessica writes on gender issues and culture as a contributing writer and columnist … Read More

One doesn’t simply become an internationally recognized style influencer, public speaker, media personality, and entrepreneur by playing it safe. Tai Beauchamp not only faces fear head on, over the course of her career, she’s become friends with it. She credits … Read More

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