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remember your why finding motivation to push forward

Lacking Motivation To Power Through? Remember Your ‘Why’

By Jennifer Pearson Sometimes hunting up the motivation to complete your tasks can...Read More

#ActuallySheCan Campaign Promotes Importance of Women’s Mentorship

Only 24% of men believe that diversity leads to enhanced company performance compared...Read More
A photo by Jens Lindner.

From The Workplace To The Presidential Stage: The Pressure For Women To Be ‘Non-Threatening’ Needs To End

Unfortunately, when a woman is confident, assertive and aggresive it’s viewed negatively. Now that we...Read More
women in tech

Women In Tech Are Held To Unfair Standards Compared To Men

Women don’t have the easiest time making a name for themselves in tech,...Read More
web design skills

15 Essential Skills You Need To Be A Successful Web Designer

By Cameron Chapman Web designers (and related jobs like visual designer, user interface designer,...Read More
self discovery passion and job opportunities

A Journey To Independence And Recognizing Self Worth

By Adrienne Mendonez This is a story of hardships, despair, hopelessness, feeling utterly alone–and...Read More
ruvan-nahema-thomas photo credit: Asia Coladner

Absolut Launches New Venture, An Accessible Online Marketplace For Art

The Absolut Company is evolving their brand beyond alcohol. In an...Read More
wordpress skills

13 Key Things To Know About WordPress

By Cameron Chapman WordPress is the first content management system I learned. Way back in 2007,...Read More
How To Let Go Of Expectations and Follow Your Dreams

How To Let Go Of Expectations And Truly Follow Your Dream

By Mercey Livingston Life comes with plenty of expectations. They can come from...Read More
Image: KMR Law Group/Jopwell

This Law Firm Launched By Three Black Women Is Changing The Game

By Adrienne Gibbs After experiencing corporate name-calling and working ultra-long hours building someone else’s...Read More
to thine own self be true mantra quote

This Simple Mantra Will Guide You Through Every Tough Decision

By Vannesia Darby I was in my first leadership course in college when...Read More