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Womens March on Washington, Womens March, Protests in DC, womens protests, Anti Trump Protests

The Women’s March Just Made History. Now What?

image via: Flickr If you attended the Women’s March this past Saturday, you...Read More
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These Inauguration Protest Posters Will Make You Feel Hope Again

Image via: The Amplifier Foundation Today is a day, for hope. That’s what...Read More

10 Lessons From Trailblazing Women Who Are “Earning It”

Concerns for women in today’s society include various forms gender bias in the workplace...Read More
Womens March on Washington

Your Complete Guide To The Women’s March On Washington

This Saturday, over 200,000 people will take to the streets of Washington D.C....Read More
The modern impact of Hidden Figures

Op-Ed: Discrimination In ‘Hidden Figures’ Is Still Today’s Reality For Black Women In STEM

I choked back tears while watching the now famous movie, ‘Hidden Figures.‘ To...Read More
habits of entrepreneurs

6 Core Characteristics Of Successful Entrepreneurs

By Katya Puyraud Becoming an entrepreneur can be an invigorating, life-affirming decision, but...Read More
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Did Donald Trump Increase The Number Of Women Running For Office?

Riddle me this, dear female reader. You’re at Friday night drinks with your...Read More

3 Game Changing Tips Every Woman In Business Needs To Know

Sheryl Sandberg, Founder of, once said, “we need women at all levels, including...Read More
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Naturally Perfect Dolls Land $200,000 Shark Tank Investment

image via: Naturally Perfect Doll Instagram When Angelica and Jason Sweeting’s 3-year-old daughter,...Read More
Rent the Runway move closet to cloud

The Future of Fashion, It’s Time To Move Your Closet To The Cloud

Embed from Getty Images If you’re a woman of a certain age, (hey...Read More
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These Are The Female Activists You Need To Know About

image via: Wikimedia Commons Today, we celebrate the life and memory of a...Read More
Photo: Cinema Blend

Hidden Figures Film Awards $200,000 In Scholarships To Women Of Color

Image: @HiddenFigures Twitter Recently released film, Hidden Figures, has become number one at the...Read More