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productivity hack

The Productivity Hack You’ve Been Missing

By Kate Gremillion 46 items. It was a Thursday morning, and when I...Read More
women directors

Women And People Of Color Overlooked For Critical First Breaks In TV Directing

When white men maintain the majority of power in an industry they also...Read More
Secret Code

Sophia Amoruso’s GirlBoss Foundation Funds Children’s Book On A Mission To Ignite The Next Generation Of Leaders

Photo via Girlboss Foundation  After writing her bestselling memoir #GIRLBOSS a mere two...Read More
sending a cold email

Why You Need To Send That Cold Email

By Nicole Cardoza In 2014 I founded Yoga Foster, a tech-based nonprofit that...Read More
Woman's Suffrage

Celebrating the 96th Anniversary of Woman’s Suffrage with Four Suffragists You Should Know

The U.S National Archives and Records Administration In 1921 Missouri women were given...Read More
mobile tech impact on workers

Infographic: The Effect of Mobile Tech on the U.S. Workforce

Mobile technology is a key part of today’s workforce. Like all technology, the...Read More

Terms Like ‘Sweetie’ and ‘Honey’ Are Now Officially Banned From The Courtroom

I heard “sweetie,” this morning, being called from the woman at Starbucks, asking...Read More
self worth know your worth

Knowing and Embracing Your Worth

By Kaitlyn McQuin You know that quote that Viola Davis says in “The...Read More
back to work after vaca

Getting Back Into Work Mode After A Long Vacation

If you’re reading this, chances are that you recently went on a long...Read More

The Power of Speaking Out

The discourse around sexual harassment in this country has evolved. Much of the rhetoric can be measured...Read More
Email Sign offs we wish we could use

12 Email Sign-Offs We Wish We Could Use

Don’t you ever wish you could send a work email that reflected the...Read More