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Chanel Cathey speaking at she_s_the_first_nyt_breakfast

Four Tips For Your First Days On The Job That Your Boss Won’t Tell You

By Chanel Cathey When I taught communications at my alma mater, Fordham University, office...Read More
run over by a truck survival story

How This Woman Put Her Life Back Together After Getting Run Over By A Truck

We’ve all said at some point, “I feel like I’ve been run over...Read More
nasty-woman hillary clinton donald trump playlist

The ‘Nasty Woman’ Playlist You Need To Get Shit Done

Last night during the final presidential debate, GOP nominee and business...Read More
tips for feedback and criticism

How To Embrace Feedback And Get Over Your Fear Of Criticism

By Simran Takhar We are all guilty of caring too much about what our...Read More
5 lessons from Viola Davis via Jopwell

5 Critical Lessons I Learned From Working For Viola Davis

By Paige Simpson Before I started working as Viola Davis’ assistant and nanny,...Read More
vanity metrics vs business metrics

Stop Focusing On Vanity Metrics Here’s What Really Matters

By Adda Birnir When I first started Skillcrush I would hear a lot...Read More

Michelle Obama Delivers Rousing Speech: Enough Is Enough!

  It’s been a week since a tape emerged where Donald Trump bragged about...Read More
Image: Marcos Sotomayor/Jopwell

How To Completely Switch Your Career Path

By Lisann Valentin Most of my earliest childhood memories involve watching TV. As a...Read More
remember your why finding motivation to push forward

Lacking Motivation To Power Through? Remember Your ‘Why’

By Jennifer Pearson Sometimes hunting up the motivation to complete your tasks can...Read More

#ActuallySheCan Campaign Promotes Importance of Women’s Mentorship

Only 24% of men believe that diversity leads to enhanced company performance compared...Read More
A photo by Jens Lindner.

From The Workplace To The Presidential Stage: The Pressure For Women To Be ‘Non-Threatening’ Needs To End

Unfortunately, when a woman is confident, assertive and aggresive it’s viewed negatively. Now that we...Read More