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Launching Your Movement And Gaining Momentum In The New Year

On January 12th, co-founder, publisher and president of Her Campus Windsor Hanger Western joined...Read More

How 5 Remarkable Women Changed Technology

When we think pioneers of the tech world, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, or Mark...Read More

Why Female Billionaires Are Few And Male Billionaires Keep Increasing

Women have been fighting for equal rights and fair wages for over 100...Read More
Yes We Can, Michelle Obama, Last Speech, Obama Farewell Speech, Obama Goodbye Speech, Obamas Last Speech

The Story of How Michelle Obama Made ‘Yes We Can’ Happen

“I am asking you to believe. Not in my ability to bring about...Read More

Four Inspiring Quotes From American Aviator Amelia Earhart

Image: Bio., “Amelia Earhart – A Daring Pilot” January 11th, marks the 82nd anniversary...Read More
Astronaut , First black woman in space, Jeanette_J._Epps, NASA, ISS,

This NASA Astronaut Is About To Make a Historical First

“It was 1980. I was about nine-years-old and my brother came home and...Read More

This Year, Keep Your Stress Low and Happiness High With Black Zen

Image: Black Zen 2016 left many of us stressed out, exhausted, and emotionally...Read More
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Last Night’s Golden Globes Were Lit Thanks to These Leading Ladies

Last night’s Golden Globes were lit. Mostly lit. Okay, let’s start this again....Read More
obama white house

The First Social Media Archive For America’s First Social Media President Is Now Available Online

By now, everyone is well aware of the social media habits of president-elect...Read More
Hidden Figures, John Glenn, Nasa, women in STEM,

‘Hidden Figures’ Reveals The Truth About Brilliant Minds

“There’s no protocol for women attending,” Paul Stafford, a white engineer states directly...Read More
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Why You Don’t Need A Mentor

By Talia Deljou Finding a mentor is all the buzz these days, especially...Read More

Ilhan Omar Swears In As First Female Muslim and Somali-American Legislator

Image: Ilhan Omar’s Facebook This week, Ilhan Omar made American history. She became the...Read More