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3 Steps To Create A Smart And Attractive Online Brand

By The Single Wives Club Your online personal brand is just as relevant...Read More

How To Give Your Finances A Good Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning used to just mean airing out your house and getting it...Read More

This Org Is Helping Women Take The Lead Creating The Democracy We Deserve

Following the inauguration, the momentum of the global women’s movement reverberated around the...Read More
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How To Focus On Pursuing Your Own Version Of Happiness

On May 25th, positive psychology practitioner Chianti Lomax joined subscribers of #theAgenda to share...Read More

How To Use Social Media To Land Your Perfect Job

For many active job seekers, social media has now become a hub to...Read More
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Coding Robots For Girls Now Exist, And They’re Multicultural

Image: SmartGurlz™ Girls start believing men are smarter than women as early as...Read More

Solange’s Letter Is For The Broken Girl Within

Image: Solange Knowles’ Facebook Tears fell when I read Solagne Knowles’ powerful and...Read More
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On The Come Up – 9 Subscription Boxes You Need To Know About

Since Birchbox stormed the scene with their monthly beauty boxes, the subscription box...Read More

The Spring Smart Phone Detox You Need To Try

By The Single Wives Club Who needs a smartphone detox?  **Raises Hand** Over...Read More
How To Ignore Outdated Advice And Crush The Job Hunt

How To Ignore Outdated Advice And Crush The Job Hunt

Richard N. Bolles, guru of the job search and author of best selling...Read More
Stephanie Selby

5 Big Lessons I Learned In My Junior Year

College is a series of learning and experiences, even if not every experience is a...Read More
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Ask SCORE: The Best Benefits Of Having An Advisory Board

Starting and managing a small business requires paying attention to multiple areas of...Read More