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A Look At The Impact Of ‘A Day Without A Woman’ On International Women’s Day

Courtesy of Women’s March Twitter International Women’s Day did not pass by unnoticed...Read More

What I Learned About Job Satisfaction From 5 Jobs In 5 Years

I’ve had many jobs in my life — starting way back with McDonald’s...Read More

4 Newsletters To Help You Get Ahead In Your Career

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And About Time: Nike Finally Launches ‘Nike Pro Hijab’

Millions of Muslim women wear hijabs everyday as a symbol of their religious...Read More

Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s Secrets To Breaking Down Barriers For Women

Image: Jennifer Siebel Newsom Facebook By Women 2.0 In 2011, Jennifer Siebel Newsom released her...Read More

The Top 5 Industries You Are Missing Out On

By Charlotte Giver When you’re on the lookout for a job, it can...Read More

5 Speeches By Women That You Need To Hear

I own several anthologies of speeches. Nestled together on my bookcase, they are a wonderful source...Read More
Photography by Kelley Raye

How Trusting Yourself And Awareness Of Your Personal Power Can Lead To Healing

Image: Kelley Raye Dr. Crystal Jones is constantly healing, showing others they too, have...Read More

Highlight These Skills On Your Remote Resume To Get Hired

By Cameron Chapman Have I mentioned how much I love working remotely? (Spoiler...Read More

5 Ways To Take Your Goals From Dream To Reality In 2017

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tips for college students office hours

So You Made It To Office Hours….Now What?

‘Twas the day after Midterms, when all through the university, nervous college students...Read More
fast food college students healthy food for college students

College Students: Here’s How The Food You Eat Impacts Your Performance

You are what you eat. Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, French lawyer, politician and author first said...Read More