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Journalist Angela Saini

Women Are Finally Rewriting The Rules On Science

Sexism isn’t new. In fact, sexism is as old as evolution. While people...Read More
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You Negotiate Your Salary, Why Not Your Hours Too?

By Charlotte Giver Steven Patrick Morrissey once said that “shyness is nice, and shyness...Read More

Here Is How To Turn From A Public-Speaking Panic Into A Confident Communicator

Communications coach shares the knowledge that liberated her from the fear of public...Read More

Ending The Silence On Black Girl Magic And Mental Health

By The Single Wives Club Black Girl Magic. It’s a phrase we all...Read More

Her Agenda And Google Come Together To Empower Entrepreneurs

This summer, Her Agenda and Google came together for an AdWords 101 Workshop....Read More

Slay And Get Paid: How Introverts Can Kill It At Negotiating

By Jen Dziura So you’re a solopreneur! There’s no one to tell you...Read More
Black women in corporate america. Black women at work

Is Corporate America Ready For The Authentic Black Woman?

During my six-month job evaluation at a popular tech company, my manager, a...Read More

Barbara Corcoran With 10 Ways Small Businesses Can Succeed

By SCORE Barbara Corcoran, successful entrepreneur and judge on the television show “Shark Tank,”...Read More
Grand Prize Winners with JB and NB 10 18 17 // photo credit Donovan Eaton Photography.

EmPOWERED To Serve Summit Inspires Innovation In Public Health

Among Non-Hispanic Blacks over the age of 19 years old, 44.9% of men...Read More
11 year old flint water crisis gitanjali rao

This Tiny Eleven-Year-Old Scientist Is Taking On The Flint Water Crises

 Reach into your mind and think back. Far back. To seventh grade. What...Read More

Quit Your Day Job: From Side Hustle To Full-Time Career

By Ludmila Leiva Today, we talked to Jamie Carlson, a 27-year-old jewelry designer and creative entrepreneur....Read More
Vlog Your Own Website

How Vlogging Can Help You Establish Authority When You Start Your Own Website

The world is in a digital era, and this often means new business...Read More