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A Record Breaking Number of Women of Color Enter Local and State Level Positions This Election

On November 8th, the United States almost elected it’s first woman President. Although Hillary Clinton...Read More
forte be the boss - should I get an MBA for my career?

My Career Stalled, Here’s How I Turned Things Around

Three years in, and my career stalled. I watched others get promoted. My...Read More
working remotely tips

The Challenging Reality Of Working Remotely And How To Get It Right

By Cameron Chapman Working remotely sounds like a dream come true for a...Read More
job hunt tips

5 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before You Start Your Job Hunt

By Danielle Koban Making the decision to leave a job is never easy,...Read More
hillary clinton concession speech full transcript

Complete Transcript Of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Concession Speech

A concession speech from Hillary Clinton is the last thing we expected to hear...Read More
Work-life balance

The Key To Peak Performance In The Workplace Is Not Working More

By Janice Haddon Work life balance is the thing that we all strive...Read More

How Will The Election Results Affect Your Job Search?

After this election, there will be some happy and not-so-happy people stemming from...Read More
The Conservative Rupture – How Some Conservative Women Are Abandoning The Right Wing

The Conservative Rupture – How Some Conservative Women Are Abandoning The Right Wing

The 2016 Presidential election has brought forward many divisive issues and seemingly split...Read More
election day 2016 #HERAGENDAVOTES16

Join Us For #HerAgendaVotes16

On Tuesday, millions of Americans nationwide will head to the polls to cast...Read More
octavia spencer madam cj walker

UPDATE: Octavia Spencer To Star And Produce Miniseries About Madam CJ Walker

Embed from Getty Images UPDATE: According to Deadline, it’s now official that Octavia...Read More
understanding debt good vs bad

Understanding Good Debt Vs. Bad Debt

Debt can allow you to enjoy something awesome (and expensive) before you fully...Read More
how to deal with anxiety at work

How To Keep Anxiety From Getting In The Way Of Your Career Goals

By Holly Ashby There’s not many people who don’t feel anxiety in their...Read More