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Take Control Of Your Email Inbox With This Tool

If your inbox is anything like mine – full of promotional emails for...Read More

Google Proposes New Line of Emojis to Represent Career Women

Photo Credit: Cosmo The lack of diversity in the tech industry is no secret,...Read More
Elaine Welteroth

Elaine Welteroth Makes History As The New Editor-In-Chief of Teen Vogue

Source Elaine Welteroth, 29, was named Editor-in-Chief of Teen Vogue on Thursday. The news is...Read More
relax on your journey

How To Learn To Relax on Your Journey To Reach The Top

By Stan Popovich Everybody wants to be successful. However it can get stressful...Read More
career stalled advice

15 Reasons Your Career Is Not Moving Forward

By Cameron Chapman You were on track. You landed that entry-level job, a...Read More

5 Millennial Women Who Are Changing Our World

On June 14th, The White House is hosting The United State of Women Summit....Read More
debra lee BET

Debra Lee Joining Twitter’s Board of Directors is a Big Deal, Here’s Why

Yesterday, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey announced that chairwoman and CEO of BET Networks Debra Lee is joining...Read More
how to get along with your supervisor

Here’s How To Build A Quality Relationship With Your Supervisor As An Intern

By Nicole Botsaris Your internship supervisor is most likely not going to be...Read More
adulting 2016

How ‘Adulting’ Has Changed

If you’re a millennial, and you frequent the Internet, you likely are familiar...Read More
all women teams

Here’s What Happened When I Told People I’d Be Working On A Team of All Women

About two months ago, I received a job offer for my current full-time...Read More
linkedin updates you need

LinkedIn Updates You Need To Make To Get Hired

By Cameron Chapman Employers in many industries (including tech) are suspicious of people...Read More
mental health and music

How Music Helped One Girl Overcome Depression & Launch A Movement To Help Others

By Jessica Villa I hated mirrors during my early teenage years. I avoided mirrors or...Read More