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Jeff Sessions, Sally Yates, Muslim ban, Attorney General fired

Former Attorney General Sally Yates Is The Hero We Need

Like a Shakespearean play filled with foreshadowing of things to come – Sally Yates...Read More

New Year, Protected You: A 2017 Guide To Birth Control

In today’s tumultuous political climate, women’s health has become an issue of great...Read More
Muslim Ban, Airports, detainment, Trump, airport protests

Four Female Judges Blocked Trump’s Muslim Ban This Past Weekend

Embed from Getty Images This past weekend, Donald Trump’s executive order, dubbed the...Read More

Believing In The Power Of Your Story

On January 26th, on-air talent and entertainment journalist Gia Peppers joined subscribers of #theAgenda to share...Read More

5 Tips For Nailing Your Job Interview

Receiving an interview for your future career can become the most electrifying experience,...Read More

50 Songs That Inspire Turning Political Passion Into Political Progress

On June 16, 2015, a well-known business tycoon became the protagonist of a...Read More
mary tyler moore hat spin via giphy

Rest In Peace Actress Mary Tyler Moore, An Industry Game Changer, And Feminist Icon

It is easy to forget how far women have come. Mary Tyler Moore,...Read More
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This Tool Gives Our Team The Power To Collab In Real Time From Different Locations

The movie “Hidden Figures” has rightfully led to a strong wave of support,...Read More
Hijab friendly salon opens in brooklyn

First Hijab Friendly Salon Opens In Brooklyn

Photo via Instagram Most women think of the salon as a relaxing space....Read More

Lessons In Leadership: Accept Yourself And Learn To Listen

There are an abundant of articles about leadership from what it means to be a leader...Read More
trump reproductive rights

The First Attack On Women’s Reproductive Rights Is Here

What exactly is the global gag rule? If the details around this new...Read More
manterruptions study about men interrupting women in meetings

Manterruption: Why Men Interrupt Women More At Work

It’s the kind of meeting women are all too familiar with, one in...Read More