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5 Books To Usher In A Fresh Start For Fall

September is naturally refreshing – the air, crisp, colorful leaves, maybe your new...Read More
Charu Sharma

Charu Sharma Inspires Women To Become Entrepreneurs, Go Against The Flow

Sometimes all it takes is an inspiring story from someone that you look...Read More
ambitious millennial women

You Were Not Taught To Be Ambitious, But That Shouldn’t Stop You

When you were a little girl, chances are you were driven. You wanted...Read More

5 Simple Ways To Fix Your Credit And Why It Matters

When it comes to credit, many of us are usually in the dark....Read More
moving to a new city how to make friends

How To Make It In A New City When You Don’t Know Anyone

By Stephanie Ross Two and a half years ago, I made the crazy,...Read More
things no one tells you about corporate

10 Things No One Tells You About Corporate America

During the interview for your first corporate gig, you asked the right questions....Read More
simple style

How Keeping Your Style Simple Saves You Money

By Eileen Salazar It seems that more and more people are ditching bright-colored skinny...Read More
Image: Emily Malan Photography/Jopwell

From Unmotivated To Motivator: How To Help Others Achieve

By Daniella Asantewaa I am a self-proclaimed former underachiever. When I started high school...Read More
Gender Pay Gap

Major Companies Have Finally Signed A Pledge Committing To Close The Gender Pay Gap

Better late than never. Today, in celebration of Women’s Equality Day,  Apple, CVS,...Read More
go from good to great performance tips

10 Habits That Can Take You From Good To Great

By Sarah Landrum You’re not doing “bad,” exactly. You’re hitting every performance metric,...Read More

In Honor Of Women’s Equality Day Millennial Women Reflect On Their First Voting Experience

In 1971, the U.S. Congress designated August 26 as Women’s Equality Day. The...Read More
tech skills can earn you more mon

How Your Tech Skills Can Help You Earn More Money

By Samantha Pearson  In college, a summer retail job seemed like easy work...Read More