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It’s Now Illegal In Massachusetts For A Potential Employer To Ask For Your Salary History

A new law is taking the guessing game out of salary negotiation.  On...Read More
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Disney’s New Princess Is Valiant, Clever and Latina

ELENA OF AVALOR – “First Day of Rule” – (Disney Channel) Disney has...Read More
Her Agenda merchandise No one Ever Slows Her Agenda

Inspiration In Real Life: Here’s Why We Opened A Her Agenda Shop

I started my career when I was 16. A teacher...Read More

AOL and Let Girls Learn Partner Up for #BUILTBYGIRLS Challenge

Photo by Jennifer Leahy via TeenVogue Too many times a young person’s innovative...Read More

Report Finds Women Entrepreneurs Get Half As Much Money To Start A Business Than Men

It’s no surprise that women have historically gotten by, nevertheless, succeeded with less...Read More
Women in NASA Lego Set

New Lego Set Proposal Honors Women of NASA

Photo by Maia Weinstock via Huffington Post In 1978, NASA made history when they...Read More

5 Steps to Using VoIP for Your Small Business

As an entrepreneur, you will have dozens of decisions to make when you...Read More

How Female Investors Created Their Own ‘Equity’

What does it take to create a film that brings to light the...Read More
Hillary Clinton DNC History

Hillary Clinton Makes History, And The DNC Lays Strong Foundation For Her Campaign

Embed from Getty Images When this election season began, I was a ball...Read More
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The Impact of Pokemon Go in the Office

There was a time when you saw someone on the street walking and...Read More
domestic abuse hotline 4 millionth call

The National Domestic Violence Hotline Answers Its Four Millionth Call

“How did this happen? Is it normal? What should I do?” These are...Read More