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Power Women Speak Up on Social Justice

11 Powerful Women Reflect On Social Justice and Inequality

There are celebrities, politicians, and artists that society often uplifts for frivolous things...Read More
how to make a website

Here’s What A Website Can Do For Your Small Business

You’ve heard it all before. You need a website. You have to be...Read More
inspiration for success

6 Successful People On How To Really Go After Your Dreams

  Often, when the topic of following your dreams comes up, it’s a...Read More
internship superstar

How To Become The Superstar Intern Everyone Wants

By Lindsey Sampson Internships allow you to explore potential career paths, network with...Read More
sitting in office

Your Office Job Might Be Ruining Your Body

There might be some science behind the aches and pains you experience on...Read More

Brujas: The All-Girl Skate Crew that Everyone Needs to Know About

Photo by Laurel Golio via BitchMedia Think empowered, self-confident, feminist bad-ass, and you’ll get Brujas:...Read More
Diane Dimond Fox News

Fox News Anchors Speak Out About the Network’s Sexism

photo via American television journalist, reporter, and host at Fox News, Diane Dimond,...Read More
Guest Chat about power of celebration - #theagenda Her Agenda membership community

How Celebrating Small Wins Can Lead To Bigger Wins, Happiness

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more in life there...Read More

Here’s What Could Happen If Half The President’s Cabinet Are Women

Photo source: Twitter  Whether you are for or against Hillary Clinton, it cannot...Read More
coffee alternatives

10 Ways To Skip The Mid-Day Coffee And Still Get An Energy Boost

By Rachel Charlene Lewis For ambitious women, it’s hard to get through the day...Read More
wedding season budget tips

7 Smart Ways To Save Money During Wedding Season

By Meredith Lepore  There comes a time in everyone’s life, usually in your...Read More
back to work after long holiday weeken

How To Get Back In Work Mode After A Long Holiday Weekend

Mondays are hard. But what’s even harder is that first day back to...Read More