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Image: Kimberly Brown/The Well (Jopwell)

5 Tips To Take Your Public Speaking Skills To The Next Level

By Kimberly Brown Even if you don’t consider yourself a public speaker, knowing how...Read More
mindfulness at work

Why It’s Important To Practice Mindfulness At Work

By: Aidan Milan It comes without saying that mindfulness, or the act of...Read More
build relationships at work

The Less Than Obvious Thing You Must Do To Achieve Success In The Workplace

By Monica Link At the beginning of my career, I encountered a professional learning...Read More
leaving a job tips

The Respectful Way To Leave Your Job

Even if you are supremely frustrated with your current situation, there is a...Read More
flipping houses tips

Maximizing Your Profits In A Fix And Flip Venture

The future of real estate is bright, and with the right fix and...Read More

Why Millennial Women Must Continue To Fight On Issues That Matter

On December 1st, founding director of the Community Justice Reform Coalition Amber Goodwin...Read More
reality check after college

Life After College: Getting Ready For The Reality Check Of The Real World

By Tallia Deljou When we’re about to transition from college to life after college, we...Read More
Image: Serena Willams Facebook

Serena Williams Encourages Women To Dream Big In New Open Letter

Image: Serena Willams Facebook Out tomorrow in Porter Magazine’s ‘Incredible Women of 2016’...Read More
Three days in the office and two at home is the formula for perfect productivity

From ‘WFH’ To The Office: This The Perfect Schedule For Productivity

By Dana Zillgitt At one point or another, I think we’ve all had...Read More
avoid stress during holiday season manage finances

How To Manage Finances And Self-Care During The Holiday Season

It’s the time of year again where the holidays are back to back...Read More

The “Conquer Your Year” Planner Helps You Break Down Big Goals To Stay On Track

I think we can all agree that 2016 has been quite the interesting...Read More
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6 Ways To Get And Stay Active In Causes And Organizations Beyond Your Day Job

By Monique Carswell Having worked in social impact marketing, brand strategy, and diversity and...Read More