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self care in your 20s

What I Wish I Knew About The Importance Of Self-Care

Angelique Dyer We all ponder about the things we wish we knew when...Read More
Millennial Women Express Heartfelt Thank You To Hillary Clinton In Open Letter

Millennial Women Express Heartfelt Thank You To Hillary Clinton In Open Letter

It’s been two weeks since Hillary Clinton’s lost the 2016 presidential election. I...Read More
Janice Bryant Howroyd on success

8 Women Entrepreneurs Who Don’t Take No For An Answer

Women entrepreneurs have higher hurdles to climb on their path to success and...Read More

How To Become A Nurse Practitioner

Nursing can be one of the world’s most rewarding careers. If you’re looking for...Read More
The New York Times Host Chat On Election Fears

The New York Times Hosts Online Chat On Post-Election Fears

Now that the initial shock on how president elect Donald Trump won is...Read More

Why It’s Important To Actively Hire Diverse Talent

On November 10th, attorney and diversity expert Shay M. Lawson joined subscribers of #theAgenda to...Read More

Channing Beumer On What She’s Learned About Growing A Business While Having A Full Time Job

On November 3rd, Head of Sneaker Chic and creator of Chicks N Kicks...Read More

How Morgan Pitts Founder of #BlackGirlsWhoBlog Leverages Twitter For Her Brand

On October 27th, creator of #BlackGirlsWhoBlog Morgan Pitts joined subscribers of #theAgenda to share how...Read More
Lauren Lake, Valeisha Butterfield, Meagan Good Photos courtesy of Antoine DeBrill (IG @debrillantoine)

6th Annual WEEN Awards Affirms The Worth Of Women, The Importance Of Using Our Voices

Lauren Lake, Valeisha Butterfield, Meagan Good at The Sixth Annual WEEN Awards Photo...Read More
back taxes irs

Owe Back Taxes? How To Create A Plan Of Action If The IRS Garnishes Your Wages

No one plans on finding themselves in trouble with the IRS, but the...Read More
Image: Destiny Lalane/The Well (Jopwell)

5 Ways To Ditch The Destructive Behaviors Sabataging Your Job Search

By Destiny Lalane Working as a freelance writer can feel like a never-ending job...Read More