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What’s That? Millennial Women On Motherhood

  For myself and a majority of women in their twenties, motherhood is the last thing...Read More
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Yale Renames Residential College After Renowned Female Mathematician

image via flickr John C. Calhoun was a U.S. Vice President who once...Read More

Hack Your Way To Happiness By Thinking Like A Startup

As an entrepreneur, Dr. Anna Akbari learned that success is all about “pivoting”...Read More
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Grammys 2017: From Girl Power To Womanhood To Resistance, Six Moments From Last Night That Inspired Us

Embed from Getty Images In case you missed the Grammys, Cady Heron broke...Read More

14 Ways To Show Yourself Love This Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day gift yourself a day of powerful love. A day to spoil...Read More
Bette Ann Schlossberg Power Hour

Discover How You Too Can Be An Influencer

On February 9th, Celebrity & Influencer Partnerships Manager at Google, Bette Ann Schlossberg, joined...Read More

Fashion Week Is Here And It’s All About White Bandanas and Humanity

image via: twitter Fashion is art, and art is creation. However creativity has always...Read More

Calling All Queens: 5 Inspiring Programs For Young Girls

Adolescence as a millennial is challenging. Dealing with pressure from your peers and  social...Read More
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Black History Month Got Even Better Thanks To This Newly Discovered Harriet Tubman Photo

image via: twitter Harriet Tubman’s legacy has been going strong in 2017. In...Read More

Dump Trump: How People Are Pressuring Macy’s To Drop Ivanka Trump

Fight the Power! Buying power that is. Shoppers are angry with Trump’s antics...Read More

Why Your Twenties Matter And How To Let Go Of Should

I am a self-help junkie and an avid reader. During my senior year...Read More
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#LetLizSpeak: Why Elizabeth Warren Was Silenced By Republican Colleagues

Embed from Getty Images No one expected last night’s senate discussion around the confirmation...Read More