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confidence tips for millennials

Why Confidence Literally Takes Hard Work

Ideas surrounding “confidence” shouldn’t be pigeonholed, but usually they are boxed around images...Read More

Four Reasons to Have a Mentor in Business

Perhaps the greatest common denominator found with successful people in business is that...Read More
Malala and Emma at Into Film Festival

Malala Yousafzai and Emma Watson Talk Gender Equality And Feminism

 photo source: twitter On Wednesday, Emma Watson shared a Facebook video of her...Read More
time productivity

4 Small Ways You’re Killing Precious Time

I really need to add “Full-Time Juggler” to my LinkedIn page. My life...Read More
overcoming depression

How To Overcome Feeling Unworthy of Success

By Stan Popovich For many of us, we can feel like failures from...Read More
working abroad - remote year

Here’s How I Made My Dream Of Working Abroad A Reality

By Raven Scott I’ve always wanted my life to be noteworthy. As a...Read More
millennial finances

While Confident, Millennials Are Still Stressed About Their Finances

In case you missed it, money stress is real and we millennials have...Read More
Courtesy of Erica Dias

Erica’s Table For 20 Offers Attendees Transparency and Intimate Networking

Set in chic, intimate, private dining areas in Neiman Marcus café’s across the...Read More
promotion at work

5 Communication Behaviors to Leverage that Next Promotion

Our world view automatically gives men credibility as leaders, but it requires women...Read More

Gender Pay Gap, WTF

photo source: twitter Issa Rae, Awkward Black Girl author, actress, videographer and editor...Read More

#MyResumeDoesntMention Took Over Twitter & We Can’t Stop Laughing

#MyResumeDoesntMention I know all of Beyoncé’s tour choreography and am probably performing it...Read More
Fana Fraser and Beatrice Capote - Image by Christopher Duggan

What Does It Mean To Be A Black Girl?

In the era of #BlackLivesMatter, along with the emergence of disturbing images like...Read More