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10 Keys To *Still* Achieve Your Goals In The New Year

By Scott Morris For me, New Year’s Day tends to be a time...Read More
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Queen Elizabeth II Celebrates 65 Years Of Rule, A Look At Her Barrier Breaking Rise To Power

Embed from Getty Images The Queen marks her 65th year on the throne...Read More

Paid Opportunities For College Students

1. Awake Chocolate Awake is offering $10 an hour for you to sample...Read More

Why You Too Can Be The First

By Jopwell Whether you’re the first one in your family pursuing an advanced...Read More
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Partisan And Vocal, Chelsea Clinton May Have Finally Found Her Voice

Image via: Fortune Live Media via / CC BY-NC-ND Growing up in the limelight can’t be easy....Read More

3 Ways To Launch A Business Without Any Savings

People often claim you need 6-12 months of savings to take the leap. However,...Read More
Looking Past The Bottom Line: Lyft Vs. Uber

Looking Past The Bottom Line: Lyft Vs. Uber

Rival ride-sharing companies Lyft and Uber and their years-long fight for market share...Read More
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Donald Trump Wants You To Dress Like A Woman

Donald Trump wants you to dress like a woman. At least if you...Read More

Begin Blogging In 7 Simple Steps

By See Girl Work If you’re interested in starting a blog of your...Read More
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Iconic Rosie The Riveter Gets An Important Update

image via twitter ‏ After 75 years, feminist symbol Rosie the Riveter got an update....Read More

5 Inspiring Books Written By Black Women

Image: @wocintechchat About half of the books that I have read that majorly inspired...Read More
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Oprah is Back On 60 Minutes This Fall

Embed from Getty Images If you haven’t heard the news yet, Oprah Winfrey...Read More