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Tracy G Affirmations

Words to Live By: Tracy G. Affirms Today’s Dope Woman

Tracy G. is a writer, editor, and co-host of the popular Sway in the...Read More

Wogrammer Is Creating a New Image for Women in Engineering

Photo Source via In just four years, there will be an estimated 1.4...Read More

Bribe Yourself and Other Tips To Maintain Accountability for Creative Hobbies

By Angelique Dyer I will admit something: I often have to bribe myself...Read More

Top 5 Reasons You Need a Plan

Lenore Champagne Beirne and her co-founder Ro Reddick created a  project design tool...Read More

3 Quick Tips To Stay on Top of Your Student Loans

According to NPR, Americans student loan debt amounts to about $1.3 trillion. College graduates all...Read More
photo credit WOC in Tech

5 Tools To Help You Run Your Business

As an entrepreneur or the owner of a small business, you’re constantly thinking...Read More
womenon20s harriet tubman photo credit womenon20s

It’s Official Harriet Tubman Will Be The Face Of The $20 Bill

Photo credit: Womenon20s It looks like the Department of Treasury is changing their...Read More
strengthen weak ties

How To Expand Your Circle and Strengthen Weak Ties

By Kate Gremillion Every day we continuously build upon our strong ties. We...Read More
self respect

5 Ways To Gain Self-Respect And Avoid Becoming A Push-Over

By Ebony S. Muhammad Receiving the respect you deserve is one of the...Read More
shopping with coupons tips

The Secret To Purchasing Essential Everyday Products Without Spending Money

There is a saying that empty pockets are the best teacher. I focused...Read More
photo credit #WOCinTech

This App Could Be Your Own Personal Speech Coach

In a world where it seems far more convenient to text than talk,...Read More
retirement how to save

Here’s What You Need To Plan For Retirement

By Peter Zdanowicz For most people under 50 the concept of retirement is...Read More