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Her Agenda Live Panel Discusses Managing Personal Lows While Chasing Professional Highs

When you’re driven to succeed you don’t let anyone or anything get in...Read More
how to be grateful

How Life’s Problems Can Become An Opportunity For Growth and Gratefulness

By Lora Ghawaly Sometimes we worry too much. Sometimes we do this so...Read More
anxiety study, women

The Anxiety Gap – Women Found To Worry Twice As Much As Men

According to a new new review released today by the journal of Brain and...Read More
tech skills

11 Women Share How Tech Skills Gives You More Control Over Your Life

By Randle Browning If I could gather every article I’ve read in the...Read More
Alicia Keys NoMakeUp

Alicia Keys Gets Honest About Flaws, Fears and Confidence

(Photo source: RCA/PAOLA KUDACKI) How can women truly come together, dismantle perfection, and...Read More
Anne founder of Dollop

Treat Your Friends Instantly With This New App

Instant gratification when connecting with others has become the norm. People no longer...Read More
advice corporate america photo credit women of color in tech

Some Advice To Help You Climb the Corporate Ladder

By Alison Hoffer If you’re a woman just entering the corporate sector (or...Read More
SEO google analytics guide

A Quick Start Guide For Using Google Analytics

By Mike Wilner Whether you’re thinking about creating a website or you already...Read More
networking events

5 Ways To Leverage Everyday Functions and Events For Your Career

It’s a well-known fact that events are one of the best ways to...Read More
losing your client

What It Feels Like To Lose Your First Big Client

By Kaitlyn Cook This story starts in 2012. I looked for a job...Read More
making money in tech

8 Specific Ways To Start Making Real Money In Tech

By Kelli Orrela Fact or fiction? You can start earning money with your...Read More
franchise opportunities

8 Franchise Opportunities for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

When you’re ready to go into business for yourself, one attractive opportunity may...Read More