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work from home

Four Work-from-Home Business Ideas

If you are tired of the daily grind and want to start working...Read More
job search

10 Strategies for Landing a Job that Feels Just Out of Reach

By Randle Browning “Yes! Yep! Oh, that would be fun!” I remember reading...Read More

Moleskine Launches New Pro Collection and Partners with The Yard

There is literally an app for everything. Whether you’re looking for help with...Read More
Honorees with Dyllan

WiCi Awards: Honors Powerful Women Redefining Their Industries

It’s an incredible thing to note that on the worst commute day in...Read More
non traditional college student tips

Tips for Nontraditional College Students

Attending college for the first time can be a very exciting experience. However,...Read More
to do list

Your Life Is About More Than A To-Do List

By Kate Gremillion “Emily, Sarah, Rebecca, Margaret, Molly…” It was 3 a.m., and...Read More
job search tips

Here Are Questions You Should Ask During a Job Interview

By Elana Lyn When you go to a job interview, you will almost...Read More
job search

7 Secrets to Staying Positive During Your Job Search

By Lily Herman “It was a really tough decision, but unfortunately, we decided...Read More
Actress, CEO, and Philanthropist Tichina Arnold

The National Action Network’s (NAN) 6th Annual Triumph Awards Recognizes More Than Just Talent

It was a star studded night out at The National Action Network’s (NAN) 6th Annual Triumph...Read More
the power of an educated girl

Michelle Obama, Charlize Theron, Julia Gillard and Nurfahada Chat Education and Girl Power

View image | My mother says I was born a writer but...Read More
Photo credit: Ellen Show

Will Millennial Women Give Hillary Clinton Their Support?

If anyone was going to get Hillary Clinton to ‘whip’ and ‘nae nae’...Read More
women's list PBS

15 Modern Female Icons Make The Women’s List

“Wherever there is a glass ceiling, there is an iron woman right underneath...Read More