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Women Hedge Fund Managers Outperform Men, Report Finds

Female hedge fund managers are still outperforming their male rivals, yet women are...Read More

RECAP: #HerCatch22 Twitter Chat

Inspired by the spring 2013 NYTimes article The No-Limits Job, our latest Twitter Chat was...Read More
safety tips for traveling alone

Safety Tips For Traveling Alone

Traveling for work can be stressful, as our thoughts tend to be focused...Read More
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The Agenda Book You Need For 2014

In the age of digital media and google cal, when you can simply...Read More

Beyonce Pens Feminist Essay On The Myth Of Gender Equality

Beyonce’s latest visual album is hailed by some as an innovative modern feminist...Read More
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How Women’s Organizations Are Pushing Forward In 2014

Women’s organizations are at the forefront of executing strategies to fix some of...Read More
her-agenda-side-bar Is Looking For Interns

Email to apply. You can also click HERE to get more information.Read More

Packing For Your Next Business Trip? Here’s A Few Tips

I have a love-hate relationship with packing. While I love heading to different...Read More
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WATCH: We Should All Be Feminists: ‘We teach girls to shrink themselves, to make themselves smaller.’

This is absolutely brilliant. After finally listening to and fully digesting Beyonce’s album...Read More
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Millennial Women Closer Than Ever To Closing The Wage Gap, But Worry About Roadblocks Ahead

Wages are looking up for young women in the workplace. According to a...Read More
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Powerful Ad From Pantene Shines Light On Sexist Stereotypes

Wow! Pantene absolutely nailed this one. In just 60 seconds, Pantene highlights so...Read More

I am woman – don’t hear me cry…

I think can safely say with 100% certainty, that during your career the...Read More