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Motivating The Millennials: Tapping Into The Potential Of The Youngest Generation

The millennials, the generation of workers born roughly between 1980 and 2000, are...Read More

Your Best Just Got Better: How To Do Your Best Work Every Day

You look at the clock on top of your mobile phone as you’re about...Read More

Responding To Naysayers And Skeptics

Like so many of us, you have probably been there before, in a...Read More

The Feminine Mystique

Growing up, there were three women I admired most: Mary McDowell (my paternal...Read More

[Book Review] Just BE Cause: Ah Ha Moments To Inspire The Next Generation of Change Makers

It’s easy to write off millennials, a generation of young people born between...Read More

Her Agenda’s Daily Salute To Iconic Women

In honor of Women’s Month, Her Agenda will post a daily salute to...Read More
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Violence Against Women Act Passes Once More

Today, the House voted and passed a bipartisan reauthorization of the Violence Against...Read More

How To Look Your Best For Less

With the plummeting economy, who wants to max out their credit card on...Read More

6 Career Lessons We Learned From Watching The Beyonce Doc

If you’re like us and you appreciate a good inside look inside the...Read More
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The Power of Millennials In Politics

The Power of Millennials In Politics from Rhonesha Byng on Vimeo. A few...Read More

The State Of Women Owned Businesses

This week, The National Association of Women Business Owners released a fun and informative...Read More

Soft Skills vs. Hard Skills: Developing the Right Combination

There are multiple factors that go into building the right skills to create...Read More