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(L-R) Steven Duarte, Jessamyn Rodriguez and jeffstaple attend Remy Martin's Unveiling of the Circle of Centaurs with host jeffstaple on November 5, 2014 in New York City.  (Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Remy Martin)

Rémy Martin Honors Mentors, Promotes Diversity With New Initiative Circle of Centaurs

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What Your Mentor Circle May Be Missing

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food at work

8 Foods That Can Make You More Productive at Work

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Cosmo Tackles Mascara and the Middle East — Because Why Not!?

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Valerie Grillo - American Express

Chief Diversity Officer for American Express Valerie Grillo Shares Her Tips for Women to Succeed in the Workplace

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6 Resume Boosters for College Students With Little Professional Experience

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More Proof Beyonce Is The Ultimate Boss

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4 Tips for Resparking Your Passion For Your Career

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Keeping Perspective: 7 Ways to Stay Sane When Stress Hits

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6 Ways To Achieve Financial Stability

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How Tech Skills Saved My Multi-Passionate Career

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Lauren M. Bias and Global Head of Diversity for Facebook's Maxine Williams

FOCUS100: A Tech Conference Where Women and People of Color Take Center Stage

At a recent tech conference the question was posed “Why do you stay...Read More