Words to Live By: Tracy G. Affirms Today’s Dope Woman

Tracy G Affirmations EP

Tracy G. is a writer, editor, and co-host of the popular Sway in the morning show on Sirius XM. She is truly the Renaissance woman that the 21st century demands all of us to be.

But if you ask Tracy what is the most important title she holds she will tell you it is Edutainer. During a stormy season in her life Tracy was listening to renowned pastor, Joel Osteen who encouraged listeners to write down 10 affirmations about themselves. Tracy took on that challenge and then went above and beyond by creating Love, Light, and that Good Sh*t: Affirmations for Today’s Dope woman.

This not a collection of mindless mantras, Tracy’s words are reflective, intuitive, and empowering. As result the listener is able to embrace beautiful and painful truths and given a bold reminder of the remarkable power that lies within.


A vulnerable and honest body of work “Love, Light, and that Good Sh*t” is like cool drink of water for your spirit. Lines like “I am divorcing myself from self doubt” and  “I am taking back my crown and owning my place in the world” provide  raw encouragement to get you through the roughest of days.

The woman we all upload as the epitome of self-made wealth and success, Oprah Winfrey famously says that we are what we believe, and often references the power of thoughts, intention and the impact of the law of attraction on our lives. If that isn’t enough to convince you that affirmations are necessary and helpful, then perhaps our Q&A with Tracy about her intention with this project will at least convince you to give it a try.

Her Agenda: What are affirmations and their purpose?

Tracy G: Affirmations are statements you say about yourself to yourself. I am writer and I am writing to myself so I am going to give myself my all. I really needed to hear my own voice. I did not need another partner in crime, partners in crime can some time distract you. I needed a companion in purpose. I needed my own voice to stay on the road.

Her Agenda: How can these affirmations help others especially young women?

Tracy G: I am a professional sharer. Whenever something feels right I share it. I felt I had something here. My words are helping young women to see their spiritual selves and all aspects of themselves really. Be it as the lover, the business woman or whatever in the best light possible. Even if this light does not currently exist in the present. These affirmations are a reminder of what is to come.

Her Agenda:What are some best practices for affirmations?

Tracy G: I put music in the background of my affirmations as reminder that things have to be in motion. There has to be movement and actions behind the affirmations otherwise you’re listening to really cute words. If you are not putting actions behind these affirmations then they fall flat. They turn out to be sweet nothings.

Her Agenda: The future for Love Light and that Good Sh*t ?

Tracy G: I am definitely looking into publishing and bringing this to a larger platform. I am transitioning from project into business right now. I want to do that in the most seamless and authentic way. I do feel like I am producing work where there can be an exchange. I definitely have a more traditional podcast coming soon.

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