Breast Pumping Is A Reality For This Famous Mompreneur

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By Levo Editorial Staff

Brooklyn Decker is a great actress (Grace and Frankie) and she is also a successful founder of the closet organization app (that will actually change your life) Finery. She is also a mom to two young children including new baby girl Stevie. She also is very honest. Last year she spoke with Levo about the treatment of women in tech and now she is talking about what its like to be a busy founder and a breast pumping mom.

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In an Instagram post last week she shared a picture of herself pumping in a room with the caption, “Yes we are hosting a ton of editors as we launch our new product @yourfinery . Yes I am in a back room pumping as they talk outside. Yes this sucks. But YES this is why it’s awesome to be a part of a female-founded, female-run startup.” 

The photo drew over 20,000 reactions in its first day as the conversation around breastfeeding in public – and particularly at work – is still largely controversial. As we learned last year when the #IPumpedHere campaign launched, some of the conditions for working pumping moms are pretty rough. It seems that with some companies and industries women are still an “afterthought” when it comes to providing them with the tools they need to maintain both professional and personal continuity upon return from maternity leave.

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It won’t fix everything but it its great to see women like Decker and Jessica Alba who have large social media platforms speaking out about their breastfeeding – at – work experiences. Decker also got real about working at SXSW earlier this year and Alba shared a picture of herself breastfeeding with her newborn son at work at The Honest Company. Alba wrote,

“Went into my @honest office today for a board meeting, although I’m still technically on mat leave,” Alba wrote. “Not gonna lie, it’s impossible for me to completely unplug from work …and it felt nice being back – even though it was just a half day. Baby boy came to visit/eat at lunch. Felt very productive today.”

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[Editor’s Note: This article has been edited from its original version for content clarity]

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