Breakthrough Your Barriers & Unleash Your Prosperity


Jul. 13 2015, Published 8:00 p.m. ET

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COST: Free

VENUE: Back in Action of Torrance

ADDRESS: 25200 Crenshaw Boulevard #101, Torrance, CA 90505, USA

You are a heart-centered, ambitious, professional woman, passionate about changing lives and improving our world through your work. You are interested in greater prosperity with less stress, and you enjoy connecting with other like-minded women.

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But maybe you’ve been feeling burned out by your ambition lately, striving yet never actually arriving at the success and financial prosperity you desire and deserve. As a professional woman there is so much noise inside your head as you attempt to juggle all your roles and tasks that you can’t hear “You” anymore. As a wife, you feel disconnected from your husband and unable to find the balance between your career and personal life. As a mother you feel as if you’ve forgotten who you are because you spend 90% or more of your day taking care of everyone else in your life but you. You feel a deep longing, an angst, because you know you are not living the life you truly desire and are meant to live.

Imagine living a life of prosperity and success, with clarity, certainty, and purpose. Envision the knowing that comes when you quiet your racing thoughts and tap into your intuition. Picture easily attracting the people and the resources you want into your career and life. Imagine having a fountain of resources and skills to help you achieve the Prosperity and Success you’ve been striving for and that you deserve and desire all while having fun and creating rich, deep connections.

That’s why the Breakthrough Your Barriers & Unleash Your Prosperity Event is taking place on Tuesday, July 14th from 6:30 to 8:30 PM.

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This is Your opportunity to skyrocket your career and prosperity, move into an abundance mindset, and create connections with women just like yourself all while having fun and learning practical tools that you can use immediately to reclaim your life and unleash your prosperity.

  • Breakthrough your fear, procrastination, and perfection addiction and give yourself permission to have the success you desire and deserve.
  • Discover how to clear your mind and gain access to your intuition.
  • Skyrocket your income and career with profound yet simple tools to shift your mindset from scarcity into abundance.
  • Master making You a priority and reclaim your life.
  • Create connections with an amazing heart-centered community of women just like you.
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Register now because we have a limited capacity in this room and the event may fill up.

Who else would you like to share this transformation with? Please forward this event page to them with a note attached why you think they should be there. If you want to support them further, you can always introduce us via email using

I’m thrilled about the amazing connections that will happen in this room and the profound new results that will happen for you. Until we see each other soon…

In Joy,

Audrey Ellis Pyon


Coaching with Audrey has been nothing short of a life changing experience for me.

                                                                        - Mike B. 

Audrey is truly a gift!

                                                                        -Tito C. 

Taking the time to learn how to become free of what holds me back is the best gift I have given myself and those I love.

                                                                        - Maria A.


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