Humans are Predictable - What Marketers should know about Analytics @Stockholm


Dec. 2 2015, Published 7:00 p.m. ET

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COST: Free

VENUE: SapientNitro

ADDRESS: Repslagargatan 17B, 118 46 Stockholm, Sweden

Welcome to an eye-opening breakfast seminar where Simon James, VP Global Performance Analytics at SapientNitro, who will discuss how to exploit raw human predictability for better storytelling and offer insights into what brand marketers should know about data analytics. Originally presented at the 2015 SXSW, Simon’s was the second most shared presenter after Monika Lewinsky on Slideshare.

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Today, the world is full of data. But insight doesn’t scale with data. In fact, during this seminar you will hear everything you need to know about data analytics in eight charts without referencing "big data". This is all possible because human beings are  predictable in their behaviors, and the truth is nowhere near as scary or black box as some people would have you believe. Through eight charts, Simon will illustrate why Vilfredo Pareto was unknowingly right about almost all businesses, why behavior is the best predictor of behavior, why you should never buy a segmentation solution, why predictive modelling is rarely useful in the way you think it is and finally, if data analytics is so important why most companies are completely useless at it.


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