Leap Before You're Ready: Live Interview with THINX founder Miki Agrawal


Jul. 11 2016, Published 8:00 p.m. ET

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COST: $20-$25


ADDRESS: 115 W 18th St, New York, NY 10011, USA

A live interview with OKREAL and THINX founder Miki Agrawal. 

Putting yourself out there is hard. Especially if it’s new territory. You can read countless motivational articles, try to convince yourself that failure is 'part of the process', but then you actually have to get up off the couch. You’ll keep researching (aka procrastinating) until you’re ‘ready’, but ready never comes. People will say things like ‘fake it til you make it’, but, um, what if you don’t know how to fake it?

Or you can be like Miki Agrawal, founder of THINX: the period underwear brand committed to breaking the menstruation taboo (PS How are periods still gross in 2016?!). Prior to THINX, Miki’s roles included bank analyst, semi-professional soccer player, film and TV producer, restaurateur, author. She has tried a ton of new things. She has failed and succeeded along the way. But what I’m most interested in is how she has continuously thrown herself at new roles and businesses, that I’m pretty sure she never felt 100% confident about.

Miki will be answering questions like: How do you dig up the courage to move forward when don’t know what you’re doing? And: How do you get over yourself and care less about what might happen if you mess up?

Hosted by OKREAL.


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