March for Black Women


Sep. 29 2017, Published 8:00 p.m. ET

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COST: free

VENUE: National Mall

ADDRESS: Washington, DC, USA

"Black women's issues are racial justice issues. Black lived-experiences related to gender, sexuality, gender identity are--racial-- justice--issues. On September 30, 2017, Black women and comrades will unite and lock arms and march unapologetically at the center of the scheduled MARCH FOR RACIAL JUSTICE as our very own MARCH FOR BLACK WOMEN.

Black Womens Blueprint need you to show up for Black women.

Our March within a March is not only a mass mobilization centered on Black women, but a reminder to every single one of us that so long as Black women are killed by the cops; so long as Black women are taken or go missing; so long as we are raped by friends or by strangers or by nationally renown predators -- there can be NO JUSTICE.

8 Black trans women are murdered in the first four months of 2017 =#NOJUSTICE

60 women report rape by Cosby including 22 Black women. Cosby admits he drugged and “had sex” with them but there’s a hung jury = #NOJUSTICE

June 2017 Pregnant Charleena Lyles shot and killed by Seattle police = #NOJUSTICE

May 2017, 27 year old Jonie Block was killed by police = #NOJUSTICE

April 2017, Glenda Taylor stabbed and strangled by a probation officer, the officer was also her fiance = #NOJUSTICE

In March 2017, 38 year old Sherida Davis was shot and killed by police, the officer was also her husband = #NOJUSTICE

In March 2017, 21 year old pregnant Alteria Woods was shot and killed by police = #NOJUSTICE

In February 2017, 30 year old Morgan Rankins was shot and killed by police = #NOJUSTICE

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In March 2017, 10 of our children went missing in less than 2-weeks in the I-495 corridor that stretches between Baltimore and D.C., most of them Black girls = #NOJUSTICE

As of 2014, 64,000 Black women were MISSING in the United States = #NOJUSTICE

Thousands of Black girls under 18 are pimped out by men from our own communities = #NOJUSTICE

40% of young people trafficked in the U.S. are Black, most of them girls = #NOJUSTICE

Black women are 13% of U.S. women, but make up about half of domestic violence homicide victims = #NOJUSTICE

Black women are beaten by their partners at a rate of 35% higher than white women = #NOJUSTICE

In April 2017, Karen Smith is shot and killed by her husband and hundreds more such cases go unnoticed = #NOJUSTICE

In California, 81% of girls in the juvenile justice system suffered sexual abuse before being arrested = #NOJUSTICE

40% of girls in the juvenile justice system have been raped or sodomized in their lifetime = #NOJUSTICE

The media doesn’t seem to care = #NOJUSTICE

Black women don’t seem to matter = #NOJUSTICE

Over this past Juneteenth weekend, all of us at Black Women’s Blueprint have meditated on the many violent systems failures that our sisters are forced to endure and which too many of us do not survive.

This is their collective response. BWB can and must refuse to be subsumed within a broader movement that does not see us as fully human.  BWB will resist! See you at the March on September 30th.

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