Navigating A Toxic Workplace: Workshop


Apr. 25 2016, Published 8:00 p.m. ET

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COST: $55



The toxic workplace: it's a work environment that feels like a bad fit – what we do at work, how we do it, and who we work with causes stress and harm to our health and relationships.

In toxic environments, we feel angry and disempowered, as if we’ve been taken hostage by difficult situations and difficult people. We feel resentful and hurt in a power dynamic that puts us at a disadvantage. We might want to hide, act out, or even quit.

But what happens when we learn tactics and tools to manage the toxicity and avoid it in the future?

In this dynamic workshop, we'll gain real skills and acquire tools to shift our mindset from that of wronged victim to that of an empowered and objective problem solver and negotiator. 

Workshop leader is Jamie Lee, a negotiation expert whose workshops have been featured at the Get Bullish conference and The Muse, and you might remember her from Lady Boss's Get The Guts To Negotiate workshop from 2015. She's an INFJ and she's totally Lady Boss material.

Hosted by Lady Boss.


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