SALLY NYC Conference for #WomenInTech


Jul. 24 2015, Published 8:00 p.m. ET

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COST: $300.00

VENUE: ThoughtWorks, Inc.

ADDRESS: 99 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016, USA


The Sally Conference is a one-day event being held in the NYC area.  Its goal is to give women in technology the tools to last beyond mid-career, the vital point at which 57% (Blithe,S., Ashcraft,C., 2009. Women In It: Facts, National Center for Women & Information Technology) women leave the industry.

It will bring together early-career, high-potential women with successful women in leadership in the tech industry and provide behavior-based tools and advice for planning a long-term career in this field.

Why Is The Conference Significant

The Sally Conference will provide women several benefits to not becoming part of this staggering statistic.

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Firstly, it will enable them to benefit from several of the tenants of Behavioral Skills Training (Miltenberger, 2008) for instilling in them the skills to succeed in a long-term career in tech, including: Instruction and Modeling.

Results of Conference

With your support and donations, we will be able to provide scholarships for female candidates who demonstrate commitment to the tech field. We will also be able to ensure that logistics of the day are taken care of including teaching and training materials. These together will ensure that we provide a high-quality experience for women in tech to develop the skills needed to ensure they are on track to meet their careers goals.

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