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Jul. 8 2016, Published 8:00 p.m. ET

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The gender leadership gap is represented by the pyramid reported by Catalyst for S&P 500 companies on February 3rd, 2016: the percentage of women decreases as you move up the leadership hierarchy in these organizations. Current diversity efforts at many companies are focused on addressing the factors limiting inclusion such as culture, unconscious bias, and discrimination. These are important efforts for the long term, however, these factors are not only difficult to change but take considerable time and effort to change. Recent neuroscience and behavioral science findings point to a new way to close the gender leadership gap.

Specifically, neuroscientists have learned that female brains are structured to promote different behaviors than male brains and vice versa. In addition, behavioral scientists have found that the way a woman exhibits the behaviors that come more naturally to men is different than how a man would exhibit them, and vice versa. Fulcrum Connection’s research shows that the top mentoring lessons reported by female executives are around four key behaviors that men’s brains are structured for based on this science. Specific to the gender leadership gap, women need to develop these key leadership skills that come more naturally to men.

Fulcrum has created a new offering based on these findings called Science of Success for Women Workshop to help women develop the leadership skills that come more naturally to men. The workshop features mentoring tools and a compilation of techniques on how women can exhibit the behaviors that come more naturally to men. The mentoring tools incorporate gender considerations and the compilation includes techniques that have worked for executive women and that have been proven effective by referenced researchers. The workshop also provides Fulcrum’s LEARN tool to help women prepare for mentoring, Fulcrum’s influence tools to improve impact, and Fulcrum’s Team Collaboration Assessment© to improve the performance of teams.


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