Using Feminist Leadership to Achieve *Business Results


Oct. 14 2016, Published 8:00 p.m. ET

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COST: $300 general admission; $190 for

VENUE: National Opera Center

ADDRESS: 330 7th Ave, New York, NY 10001, USA

Wait, what is feminist business?

It's the merging of feminist values and business results.

Who is this workshop for?

Leaders at any level working in an organization who want new tools for pursuing a specific project through a feminist lens. Leaders at any level in an organization who want to start a new (value-adding) project in a feminist way. Anyone who wants to practice transformational leadership as they face real-world business challenges in their organization.

What problem are is this trying to solve?

Most organizations, while they do valuable work, are not feminist or equitable in their everyday practice. This lack of attention to equity and inclusion hurts those who are discriminated against and left out of the decision-making process. Leaving out values and leaving team members behind also hurts the business itself. This rowkshop is offering new practices for closing the gap between business and values in a way that is co-created with you, since you are the expert in your own organization and role, you know your needs, and you already have great ideas for making your business better.

You bring your own business challenge, managerial skill, and contributor expertise. This workshop will add project development tools, leadership tools, and ideas for executing on your feminist values.

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9:00am-12:00pm The Feminist Lean Project Canvas with CV Harquail

The Feminist Lean Project Canvas combines two of the most powerful perspectives in business today: the customer-focused, entrepreneurial iterative, growth-oriented Lean Startup process and the system-changing, inclusive, purpose-driven Feminism. Use the Feminist Lean Project Canvas to reframe a business initiative so that it draws equally on the human capabilities and the organization’s assets. Develop a project idea that you can execute in your role as a manager or individual contributor. With the Feminist Lean Project Canvas, you’ll incorporate your organization’s values and feminist values to craft a project that can deliver real business results.

12:00pm-1:00pm Lunch

1:00pm-4:30pm Intro to Take The Lead's 9 Leadership Power Tools to Advance Your Career Created by women’s rights activist Gloria Feldt and adapted for this context by Lex Schroeder, Take The Lead's Leadership Power Tools are rooted in a sophisticated concept of power. These tools help women leaders navigate the world as is while leading the changes THEY want to see. Build your leadership skills and create a plan of action to deliver on your feminist project you identified in the morning. Shift from the outdated, oppressive “power over” to the positive #PowerTO model and learn immediately actionable leadership tools to make greater impact and advance your career while you’re at it so that all women rise.

Monetary Value

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$300 for the full day workshop. Discounted "bring an ally" tickets are available for people who bring a friend or colleague. A limited number of reduced price tickets are available for students and individuals needing financial assistance. Please email Lex at for more info.

The Take Aways

1) An innovative project management tool for initiating a new project in your organization or transforming an old, broken project into one that expands rather than contracts possibilities

2) Generous ways to create #PowerWITH others to invite support for that new project in your team or organization

3) New leadership tools for advancing courageous new work into your organization, including how to handle controversy, meet chaos with creativity, and deal with competing organizational values

4) Connection with a larger network of feminist business practitioners - people who often need to find each other outside of organizations since equity and justice are not typically a business's first priority

5) Examples of women-led businesses, organizations, and projects as well as women-led, feminist ideas about business you may not have heard before. Rather than following the convention of leaving women (and women’s ideas) out, we’ll bring them in, on purpose, so that you’ll have these examples to draw upon in your own work

Who Is Behind This?


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CV helps leaders move forward with confidence and clarity by translating vague or complex ideas into action. She helps leaders think differently about the relationships between organizations, individuals, and systems to develop generous strategies for influence. She advocates that we lead organizations to be positive agents in the world. CV teaches management and entrepreneurship at Stevens Institute of Technology, where she has taught over 65 different teams how to use Lean Startup techniques to develop project, product, and new business ideas. She researches and writes about generosity as a business strategy and teaches leaders how to incorporate the feminist ethic of care into everyday business practice.


Lex is a writer, editor, and speaker on the future of work and gender justice and a Leadership Ambassador with Take The Lead. She offers tools for systems change through a gender equity lens. A former editor and strategist at The Lean Enterprise Institute, host in the Art of Hosting community, editor at The Berkana Institute, and media entrepreneur, Lex brings 10+ years of intentionally broad experience to her leadership and organizational development work. Lex has presented workshops and spoken at numerous events including the Yale Women's Leadership Conference, See Jane Do's Passion-Into-Action Conference, and the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Her views on leadership have been featured in Fast Company. In 2015, Lex was selected by strategy + business magazine as one of ten thought leaders to map the history of management ideas and distill important trends for the future of work. She is committed to helping teams become more effective, resilient, and just.


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