"We Gonna Be Allright" - A Self-Care Festival


Aug. 18 2017, Published 8:00 p.m. ET

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COST: $0-10


ADDRESS: Brooklyn, NY, USA

A Self-Care Festival for people of color to escape, engage, indulge, and receive care, tips with opportunities to participate in conversations around how to best care for themselves.


1pm - Yoga

2pm - Afrobeat Dance Workshop

3pm - Hair

4pm - African Dance Workshop

5pm - Nutrition

6pm - Caribbean Dance Workshop

7pm - Beauty

8pm - Comedy


- Vendor/Market Place
- Massage
- Readings - Hair Salon
- Nail Salon
- Make up Salon - Henna
- Poetry Reading
- Dj/ Music
- Traditional Dance Group
- Red Carpet
- Photobooth - Hair Wrap tutorials

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THE MESSAGE: For far too long you’ve been told to tone down, conform and tame the frizzy mess of your rebel Afro locks and be damn presentable. I say go ahead, kink it out and take up all the space your stubborn crown was meant to occupy and then take up some more.

For the years you’ve been fed a stream of eurocentric beauty standards flaunted as pure!! and ended up constipated, gasping for a touch of affirmation telling you that every shade of black ever existed is truly beautiful. I say you need not to alter an iota of you, black is pure. Today you're rewriting the script while smashing some long drawn borders set by a society aiming hard to shrink you down to acceptable bite-sized persona, to fit a predefined box that keeps you immobile and harmless. You are your hair, every kink and curl defying gravity, you are your skin and every shade that reflects back the sun rays like a golden stream of endless blessings, big or thin lipped, wide hipped or narrow, kinky-stubborn afro or silky-luscious strands.

There is no standard formula of blackness so unapologetic: be, bend not and feel free to choose however you want to look and come as the glorious beauty manefistation that you are. You get to brag and rub your awesomeness in other’s faces cause guess what? You are so Envylicious.

* Schedule subject to change

* All tickets get participants into main event and market only

* Speicific tickets required for each demo/panel session

* All tickets sold are final and not returnable

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