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#HerAgendaLive Discovering Your Career It Factor Recap

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When your identity, purpose, and the quality of your reputation intersect at just the right point, that’s when you’ve found your it factor.

However, getting to a place where you have such a strong reputation that you become in demand, top of mind and recommended regularly for opportunities is not as simple as it seems. This is why for this edition of #HerAgendaLive I invited three dynamic women to share insight on how they discovered that intersection, their it factor, in their professional lives.

“I think for me it really became important to know my value and to certainly identify my purpose. I think without the two you are really only living in the shadow of who you’re meant to be and then you can become anyone’s imprint,” shared Mykki Taylor, Editor-at-Large for ESSENCE Magazine at the start of the evening’s discussion. Along with Taylor, Her Agenda invited Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, co-founder and CEO of Glamsquad and Alicia Quarles, award-winning television journalist.

“There’s only one you. For me, no one can ever out work me. They can take away your looks, they can take away everything, but they can’t take away your authentic self. My authentic self is crazy, but I get the job done,” shared Quarles.

As we continued our discussion, Quarles  revealed insight from her transition from working behind the scenes at the Associated Press to achieving her dream of being on-air. She also reflected on the moment when she interviewed Oprah. Oprah shared something with her just moments before the interview that helped Quarles’ nerves disappear.

Alexandra shared the importance of selling as a skill and how to look at feedback as a tool to help you become better and not to let it knock you off your path.

“You just have to really believe in your vision, your mission, what you stand for and listen. As annoying as it is to hear all that negative feedback it’s important to listen and to absorb it [and] not let it bring you down,” Wilson shared.

Watch The Full Conversation Above.Her Agenda Live with Alicia Quarles, Alexandra Wilkis Wilsion, Mikki Taylor and Rhonesha Byng

Alley was an incredible partner with us on this event and they helped us make this happen. We also had the opportunity to work with Glamsquad and share an exclusive discount for attendees. Hooch made our reception great with amazing cocktails, and they shared two-months of access to their membership society with everyone who attended. The sprinkle on top for the reception were the cupcakes from AssataBakes.

No one walks away from a #HerAgendaLive event empty handed so of course everyone received a giftbag with amazing items from companies like SoulCycle and Eccolo Journals. DailyGreatness Journal provided a Business Planner for us to give away during the event.

The attendees always do an amazing job with sharing the best quotes from the evening on twitter. You can read a few of them below:

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