RECAP: #HerAgendaLive Discusses How To Manifest Holistic Success

On January 11th, Her Agenda hosted a panel in partnership with AlleyNYC around the topic of holistic success where we dived into what it looks like to be successful beyond your professional life.

“When I was going through school the way I envisioned success was the ability to have choice. I really wanted a life that encompassed choices, more specifically my choices,” explained Candice S. Cook when asked her definition of success at the beginning of her career. “I liked the idea of dual hyphenates. Back then I knew something rubbed me the wrong way about limitations and today I almost find them to be obsolete.”

Candice is  the Managing Member of Ca-Co Global Inc. and The Cook Law Group. We also invited Jane Barratt, founder and CEO of Goldbean and Michelle Mitchum, founder of The OrangeMoon Holistic Health and Wellness to share their thoughts on wellness, self-care and finances.

When it comes to making money, Jane Barratt shared her insider knowledge on what it really takes.

“There are two great dirty secrets. It doesn’t matter how much you earn, it matters how much you spend. Dirty secret number two: no one ever got rich from working,” said Barratt.

When we dived into the topic of what success truly looks like when we are looking to achieve it within ourselves, versus the highlight reel on social media and what the outside perceives she gave us the dose of real talk that we all need to face.

“Be brutally honest with yourself,” explained Barratt.  “It’s very easy to go down the path where you start to believe your own lies. Often, it’s the outside world that will shake you back to your truth, but hopefully being more honest with yourself on an ongoing basis you don’t need the outside world to do that for you.”

It was also great to have insight on holistic wellness from Mitchum who practices and studies this on an every day basis.

“Holistic wellness is comprised of three components: mind, body and spirit,” explained Mitchum.

In order to be holistically healthy, or if you aspire to be holistically healthy, then you are making sure that those three components are the best that they could be. My mind is fed through meditation so my body can walk the journey it is supposed to walk. I work very hard to make sure I am feeding those three components of my life.”

Watch the video above to listen to the conversation.

Special thank you to Karlyn Percil-Mercieca who sponsored a giveaway of her 2016 Success Planner (also click here for your chance to win one!). We would also like to thank eCreditHero for sponsoring our bar, and also a special giveaway of $100 during the event.

Check out the photos below, and click through to page two to see the live tweets that went out with a few highlights.

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