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Her Agenda is an award-winning digital media platform bridging the gap between ambition and achievement for millennial women. We aim to universalize the motto of No one Ever Slows Her Agenda through our platform.

Her Agenda provides inspiration through the stories of real women who are succeeding in their industry while also highlighting the information and resources needed to achieve that success. Resources include the latest in events, scholarships, conferences, internships and job opportunities for young women to reach their full potential. The goal is to empower women to never allow anything to stop them from reaching their goals while providing them with the resources to overcome their challenges. The professionals featured on Her Agenda have the power to break the mold and illustrate to young women across America that if they believe it, they can achieve it. Each of our featured women are the embodiment of the No one Ever Slows Her Agenda motto within their own industries. The resources available to the members on the site can potentially put them in a position to better strategize and visualize life and career options.

Despite efforts to achieve equality, women still earn less money than men; they are overlooked for promotions and are not likely to carry the title of CEO or President at major corporations. Among the Fortune 500 companies, only 52 have CEO's who are women, and before 1996 all the CEOs were men. There are currently just two Black women in the role of CEO at any Fortune 500 company. The presence of women in these positions continues to shock and awe, further solidifying women as the “other” when it comes to positions of power. There’s a cycle of normalcy and complacency that exists around these sensitive topics. Utilizing mentorship, personal empowerment, and an increase in information, women can mobilize through empowering themselves to ultimately break down the patriarchal structures of society and claim their power.



This section serves as the homepage. Its full of news and information regarding women, career, life and navigating it all. It is also where we showcase our key events, features and interviews.


This section features the stories of inspirational women executives, entrepreneurs and industry leaders. These women are leaders in their fields and will allow users to get a peek into their agendas showcasing a day in the life of these women and highlighting their inspiration and their motivations.


A directory featuring women empowerment organizations across the country. Each listing features a short blurb about the organization along with vital information including the address and website. This section allows users to connect with a local organization or club for more face to face interaction, and an increase in mentorship and empowerment. If you would like to be added to our Power Directory, email us info@heragenda.com.


What would be an agenda site without dates and things to do? HerAgenda.com keeps users updated with productive things to fill their agendas. These sections serve to promote positive activity in the lives of young women. The calendar features events, workshops, panels, internships, scholarships and more to help our users move their agendas along. If you would like to submit an event or opportunity email us: info@heragenda.com.


ADVERTISING: We love working with brands and companies that are interested in reaching millennials or empowering women. If you'd like information about our reach, and capabilities send an email to advertising@heragenda.com. You can also start the process by filling out this form.

Editorial Standards

At Her Agenda, we adhere to the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics, which details four principles as the foundation of ethical journalism that guide our reporting: seek the truth and report it, minimize harm, act independently, and be accountable and transparent.

We firmly believe that journalism is a responsibility and should be handled with care. Journalism is crucial to our democracy. Informed journalism creates informed citizens.

Plagiarism is strictly prohibited and goes against our editorial standards.

Accuracy and Fact Checking

Every article published on Her Agenda is researched by our writers/contributors adhering to the principles and ethics of journalism, and using valid sources. Before publishing, the article is reviewed and copy edited by our managing editor to fact-check and also edit for clarity, grammar and style.

As a news source, we are dedicated to accuracy, and updating our readers when new information is made public.


If you see an error, let us know by emailing us at info@heragenda.com.

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If you have any suggestions, tips, or concerns, you can contact us by sending an email to info@heragenda.com.