Fundraiser Aims To Bring The Story Of Black Women Entrepreneurs To Screens Across The Globe

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Have you ever googled “Black women’s buying power?”  The results showcase numbers and statistics that speak volumes to the power of the dollar placed in women of color’s hand.

In Nielsen’s most recent study, Black women are projected to have at least 1.5 trillion buying power by the year 2021 which proves itself not to be too much of a long haul as their current buying power reigns around 1.3…trillion that is.

Image via She Did That

While there is no formal index of Black women entrepreneurs, powerhouse producer and entrepreneur, Renae Bluitt wants to make it easier for us to cheer on and follow the journey of Black women working conquer the wealth gap. To which Renae created the beloved digital series, “She Did That.”

“She Did That.” is a documentary that elevates the conversation surrounding Black women and entrepreneurship. The film offers a close look at the lives of four successful entrepreneurs — their legacy, struggles, and triumphs. “She Did That” is poised to change lives, elevate minds, and serve as inspiration for young girls who need to see what’s possible with hard work and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

In a captivating new Go Fund Me campaign video, Renae shares that not only are Black women opening their own doors, they’re owning the building too, bringing in more than 52.6 billion dollars in revenue earned from their business alone in 2016. If that didn’t have you screaming “yas” the campaign video goes onto share a glimpse of some of our favorite girl bosses  (like, Luvvie, Lisa Price of Carol’s Daughter and Myleek Teele) sharing entrepreneurial gems and promising to showcase more as the series develops.

Image via She Did That

In a statement in regards to campaign Reane shares “At the onset of this project, seed money was invested from our brand partners, ESSENCE and General Motors, to fund the early stages of production, along with Renae’s own personal investments. Once the filming has wrapped, post-production can be even more expensive than actual production.”

Donations to the project’s GoFundMe will help finish the post-production and editing work of the film so they can begin film festival distribution and begin their journey toward living in the hearts and homes of their audience of amazing women like you.

Image via She Did That

If Black women are already spending 1.3 trillion dollars in the marketplace, as we move closer to 1.5 index why not use a few of those dollars to support Black women aiming to continue to diversify the trillionaire space!

For more information on the series and to support the GoFundMe click here:

Let’s change the narrative of successful Black women from Hidden Figures to a list of women we can proudly proclaim “she did that!”

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