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The Bedroom For The Woman On A Mission To Conquer The World

The first time I spoke to Renae Bluitt was in 2015 when I was an intern for Black Enterprise. At the time, American Express just released a report that African American women were the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs, generating … Read More

It is no secret that Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s story is a unique one; an untraditional tale of how a respected U.S. Supreme Court Justice became an adored pop-culture icon. Sharing the story about the life and career of the beloved … Read More

Christina Vuleta started carving her own innovative career path since her early advertising days, when she was one of the first account planners at an agency. Passionate about consumer behavior and insights, she moved across industries including futurism, research and … Read More

To Alexandra Lee, success is rooted in follow through not perfection. She believes success is simply doing what you say you’re going to do. But simple doesn’t mean easy. When you come from a background where there’s high standards around … Read More

A student turned teacher, Gabrielle Simpson is a master storyteller. Simpson’s talents for telling stories have propelled her career forward, and her passion for learning and education proves to be the common thread pulling her throughout her career. Today, Simpson … Read More

For Gina Charbonnet, New Orleans is more than just a bustling city, with good music and great food. For her, it’s home, and the place where she’s put in major work over the last 20 years. As founder of GeChar … Read More

For Naomi Mdudu, founder and CEO of The Lifestyle Edit, community is everything. As an ex-fashion editor who fell in love with storytelling, she found herself increasingly frustrated that there wasn’t a space to find stories like the ones she … Read More

For Mallory Blair, thinking small was never an option. The Small Girls PR CEO and co-founder was raised by a single mother who had fallen on hard times financially, and did her best to provide. After watching her mother struggle … Read More

It’s safe to say whether it’s through her years of work  in journalism or talking to me about her latest project, Mary Kate McGrath has a knack for storytelling. And as the chief content officer at Gallery Media Group, the … Read More

I had the pleasure of hearing Major General Mari K. Eder speak at the 2018 WIN Summit: Women’s Insights on The Art of Negotiation in May of this year. To say she is a woman who has mastered the art … Read More

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