7 Signs It’s Time For A New Job


Ideally everyone would like to wake up and love what they do, however that’s not always the case. For a while it’s easy to conform to your situation, but how do you know when enough is enough? Since we spend about 40 hours per week at work, we deserve to be satisfied with the broad spectrum of our day-to-day. How do you know when it’s time to explore other options? There are certain aspects of the job that you will not agree with, however, we have curated a list of signs when it’s time to start looking elsewhere.

Decline in motivation and passion for your work 

In the early days of your time on the job you would wake up significantly early to properly prepare for your work day. You would make breakfast, iron each wrinkle out of your blouse, and arrive 15 minutes early. Now, you’re hitting the snooze button three times, rushing out of the door, and arriving to the office door seconds before 8:30 hits. Your shift in energy and enthusiasm for work has diminished.

Stress from the job is beginning to affect your health

Whether it’s the result of your co-workers, boss, or the work itself, the negative impact from your work environment has begun to affect your mental and physical health.

 Work/life balance is suffering

Problems from the job are bleeding into your nights and weekends and taking away from your well-needed mental health, family, and alone time.

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You feel stagnant, talents aren’t being tapped into

Most people enter a new position with hopes of longevity and growth. Feeling professionally stuck can hinder your motivation, attitude, and overall work performance. “If you aren’t failing, you aren’t learning, and if you aren’t learning, you aren’t improving,” said Janelle Maiocco, CEO of Barn Door.

Your work rants are becoming more frequent

Everyone suffers from a bad day every so often. It’s normal to vent and release your frustration. However, when it becomes routine to kick off your shoes and run down your list of complaints from the day, it may be time to move on.

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You’re pulling teeth to make the pros outweigh the cons

In any situation that isn’t good for us, we find ourselves trying to justify the many negatives in order make that one positive worth it. Each time you feel overwhelmed from the job, you make comments such as, “although I don’t get along with the staff and I am deeply unenthused by my workload, we have a Keurig in the kitchen.”

You don’t align with the company culture

Are you a social butterfly working in an office full of introverts? Eventually you will outgrow the character restraints you have succumbed to in order to fit into the office ambiance.

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