Digital Producer Taj Rani Shares Why It’s Important To Always Stand Up For Yourself

On April 26th, Digital Producer for Taj Rani  joined the Her Agenda Insider community to share tips on how to advocate for yourself in the face of adversity, let your work speak for itself and get the respect put on your name that your deserve.

For over an hour, Taj shared personal lessons that she had learned over the course of her 10-year career, urging our community to become hyperaware of how to move with purpose in and out of the workplace.

Here’s one piece of advice about sharing ideas in the workplace that resonated with many in of the Her Agenda Insiders:

“There are NO bad ideas, only ideas that can be grown, massaged and perfected.”

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On this she has had to un-learn throughout her career: 

“You always grind and you always work hard, but you should NOT constantly be in a state of feeling like you have to prove yourself once you KNOW you’ve shown what you can do over a generous period of time.”

On navigating certain spaces in order to thrive professionally:

“I let my work and ideas speak. And honestly, people have generally recognized things in me that I didn’t see in myself because I do work I am passionate about, so it’s never about glory or the stamp of approval.”

Chasity Cooper

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