Donald Trump Wants You To Dress Like A Woman

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Donald Trump wants you to dress like a woman. At least if you work for him.

Sources from Trump’s campaign explained that the new president places a huge emphasis on appearances (surprise?). This White House dress code seems to be culturally enforced down fairly rigid gender lines – women in dresses (preferably) and men in suits with ties. Of particular note, the sources say that the president prefers for the women on his team to “dress like women.”

The internet had a few responses to this logic, many of which were total gems and are currently trending under the hashtag, #DressLikeAWoman….

 We hope Donald Trump approves of Senator Duckworth’s outfit.

Doesn’t get any more womanly, than breaking down cultural glass ceilings, does it Ladies? 

And….. #RBG for the win. Because Yaasssss, this is exactly how a woman should dress when she appears in the highest court in the nation.  As do her male counterparts.

The source goes on to say that these dress codes are preferential, but that most woman feel pressured to wear dresses to impress the President (leaving the quality of their work to be secondary. Because this is still 1962 and we all live in the world of Mad Men).

#DressLikeAWoman, Donald Trump Dress code, Donald Trump women, Donald Trump ties, Donald Trump sexist, White House dress code, how to dress for work

Although women are allowed to wear jeans, they have to look “neat and orderly” at all times. That last part doesn’t sound so bad. After all, looking professional when you have a job at the White House seems like a no brainer. However, there’s a big difference between  asking your employees to dress professionally and asking your employees to look like their gender.

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The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission states that “in general, an employer may establish a dress code [that] applies to all employees or employees within certain job categories.”

This doesn’t mean Trump’s cabinet can show bias on the basis of gender-based stereotypes, which is illegal and constitutes as sex discrimination. But I guess we will have to wait to see if that plays out on Trump’s staff, though certainly, his team seems to literally be upholding appearances, in large part because they know how severe Trump’s backlash can be.

#DressLikeAWoman, Donald Trump Dress code, Donald Trump women, Donald Trump ties, Donald Trump sexist, White House dress code, how to dress for work

Trump is also asking his male staffers to look and dress the part. Sources said that male employees have to have a certain look, be sharply dressed, have good stature, and cater to Trump’s obsession with ties (which should preferably come from Trump’s own collection or Armani, though you can get away with Brooks Brothers).

Ummmmm…whatever happened to draining the elitist swamp, again?

According to Axious, the original syndication which broke the story, Trump is obsessed with people on his team looking the part – even when it comes to making major decisions over cabinet picks. Aids told the outlet that, “Mitt Romney looked like a secretary of State, so his stock rose. He went with the more commanding Rex Tillerson. Gary Cohn, Trump’s swaggering economic adviser, was an instant hit because he carried himself like someone to reckon with.”

The only person allowed to bypass this clothing regiment is Steve Bannon, who the source claims,  gets a pass on the appearance rule because “Steve is Steve.”

Yes, we’re aware.

Image is central to the president whose years in the spotlight and natural instinctiveness for visual imagery have factored into his success, though he himself has not always played into these rules.

Just a few days ago, men’s magazine GQ gave Donald Trump his very own makeover, citing the president’s own lack of wardrobe sense as a reason to revamp his look into something more ‘presidential’. You can check out what Donald Trump might look like if he lived by the rules he set for his own staff in the video below. Now that we’ve sorted Trump’s look into being more presidential, maybe we can work on, you know…everything else.

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